Buy the Canon 70D or Wait for the Canon 7D Mark II

Too early to call this post a 70D vs 7D Mark II and let's throw in the Canon 6D as well (as it is similar in price), but I did want to take a few moments and share some highlights from each camera to help you decide which would be best for you.Screenshot 2014-09-15 08.19.57

Canon 7D Mark II

Price: $1799 Body Only $2149 with 18-135 STM- Pre order from B&H Photo Video or AmazonStrengths:

  • Blazingly fast Autofocus System
  • 10 FPS with a big enough buffer to capture 31 full RAW images before slow down
  • Canon's best performing APS-C sensor* We need more data to determine how much better this sensor is than the existing 70D.
  • Dual Card slots - automatic backup or twice the memory or shoot RAW to one card and JPEG to the other
  • On board flash
  • 1080/720p video at 60FPS
  • Servo AI mode in video for reliable video focus on moving subjects
  • Headphone jack for real time audio monitoring
  • Built tough and weather sealed
  • Built in GPS

You buy this camera if you are shooting fast action - sports, birds in flight and/or need a camera that can travel with you and shoot in all weather conditions. Video shooters have better options elsewhere (see my GH4 vs 70D video) unless you need or want to rely on autofocus during video of moving subjects.Want to hear more about the Canon 7D Mark II? Watch my First ThoughtsScreenshot 2014-09-15 16.54.59

Canon 70D

$1099 Body Only $1449 with 18-135 STM - Buy from B&H Photo Video or AmazonStrengths:

  • Articulating touch screen with. . .
  • Excellent touch to focus control for photo and video (especially video) - focus and menu navigation is very easy for beginners- touch to manipulate.
  • On board flash
  • Competent focusing system and 7 FPS
  • Leaves room in budget for lenses (especially primes) see 6 reasons you should own a prime lens
  • Slightly smaller and more portable. 70D weight= 755g (1.66lbs) 7D Mark II weight = 910g (2.1lbs) and 6D = 770g (1.7lbs)
  • Wifi for remote control and image download.

Very good all around DSLR. User friendly touchscreen, Wifi and in a size that won't break your neck. Focusing is very good though not at the level of the 7D Mark II and tracking in video is also slower than 7D Mark II.Watch my Full Review of the Canon 70DScreenshot 2014-09-15 16.54.43

Canon 6D

$1,899 body only $2,499 ($2,299 after rebate) with EF 25-105 IS - Buy from B&H Photo Video or AmazonStrengths: 

  • Full Frame Sensor - low light performance and detail in images is noticeably improved over 70D and 7D Mark II
  • Low Light performance (yes repeating myself here but that is the real strength of a full frame sensor like the one in the Canon 6D
  • GPS and WiFi built in

The Canon 6D is actually very similar in size to the Canon 70D - quite portable for a full frame camera but it does not provide an on board flash and just one SD card slot.  The Focusing system is SLOW and frame rate is just 4.5 fps. The center focus point is quite capable, especially in lower light but overall this is NOT the camera to use for any type of action.Watch my 6D vs 70D (Full Frame vs Crop Sensor) video 

Summary of Canon 7D mark II vs Canon 70D vs Canon 6D

If the contest was decided by bullet points the 7D Mark II would be the clear winner, but not all these bullet points are equal for all photographers/videographers.  Each has its strengths as I have outlined.My Overall pick remains the Canon 70D - a good value with a solid feature set and image quality.  But if you will consistently be shooting fast action it will be worth the extra cost to buy the 7D Mark II. If you will find yourself in low light often and you don't mind buying an external flash - the Canon 6D would be your best bet.Still undecided? Pop over to my Facebook Page - Hit the like button and leave a message - we will do our best to help you determine the best camera for you.