Photo Mish Mash 42: CES & Montana

Question of the week -If you were going to make a coffee table photo book - what would be the subject?Week/month in review:Family Vacation (shooting experience with the GH4 and qualty of the high ISO filesISO 2500 examples Extender Review: Of field Master Link: Tour - Microphone room, Speaker Room and Zoom LensNew Style of the Photo Critique:Week Ahead -Montana -! for newsletterNews:CES - Photo round up D5500 (feb 5th) P&S (Connect Station) - Glimpse of a new rebel? 18-300 IS STM Ef-S coming. . maybeCP+ Feb 12-15th - Maybe 5D Mark IV, T6i, D7200’s favorite camera - the HTC RE Hunt / Tony LawrenceCalculating depth of field . . . should you base it on the focal length of the lens or the lens + crop factor . . . also suggested by someone else on Post to Your Page was how to use the depth of field button on the cameraReader Questions:Scott RobelotCan you please explain the best way to clean the mirror inside of a dslr?relayer705I have a Q. Will a 24 mp sensor be better in low light than a 16 mp? I have a Nikon D5100. I know that a full frame is much better in low light but would more mp make any difference in smaller sensor?Gerald MeredithAny experience with 5D Mark 3 underexposing in "manual mode" even if viewfinder meter shows correct exposure? All other modes seem okMiguel Rocha5D mk2 or 6D?