MishMash Podcast EP 44: Mirror Slap

Show Notes:Photo Mish Mash Ep # 44    Date: 2/6/15 Sponsor(s):Photography Workshops - http://photorec.tv/shop Week in review:We busted our butts and have a beta Website - You are looking at itPhoto Criqtue of assignment, Feb Assignment - SHadow Play (all the info you need is at http://photorec.tv/2015/01/critique-schedule-submission/)Goofy News(Hot pink BABY!) - https://plus.google.com/u/1/+CameraRecTobyg/posts/gzwf66QW36A New Releases:http://photorec.tv/2015/02/new-samsung-olympus-canon-pentax-and-more/http://gizmodo.com/heres-the-motherlode-of-new-cameras-announced-this-week-1684071049D5500 is shipping, touchscreen for focus points is nifty Canon 50Ds and R (R has not OLPF) = sharper images-50MP sensor crammed into 5D Mark III-Mirror slap is a real issue, new system in place-Timelapse mode converts in body to movies-Better white balance toolViewfinder  CropDynamic Range and ISO performanceNeeds the 11-24 lens - or other high quality glassWhat does 50MP vs 36MP vs 22MP look like?https://www.dropbox.com/s/b378hgb47l2p5qm/MP-RACE.png?dl=0More about the Canon 5DS and 5DS RAre the day of a Canon DSLR that can do a little bit of everything numbered? It’s suggested at Northlight that the “splitting” of camera lines will be the future of Canon’s DSLR strategy. Each camera model will have a specific customer in mind. As we can see, the 5D line is being split 2 ways (3 if you count the “R” model), can we expect the same with 1D line, or a DSLR that is focused on video first?From Northlight“The ‘splitting’ of model types in the Canon DSLR range will be interesting to see from a product positioning point of view. I’m told that it’s seen as a major benefit from ‘bringing home’ a lot of Canon’s manufacturing, and will become integral in producing cameras that are marketed more by what you can do with them.”Canon T6i/T6shttp://photorec.tv/2015/02/canon-t6s-t6i-official-announcement/Saturated Markethttp://www.usa.canon.com/cusa/consumer/products/cameras/slr_cameras  News:http://www.indiewire.com/article/film-is-here-to-stay-a-list-directors-and-kodak-strike-a-deal-20150204http://www.theverge.com/2015/2/5/7982517/apple-photos-mac-iphoto-replacement-explainer-faqDiscussion:http://www.slrlounge.com/nigel-barker-speaks-on-retouch-fashion-photography/  Reader Questions:Hrvoje BazinaFeb 4th, 2:17pmSo I want to make a 24h timelapse video. But I dont knw how to set the exposure. I watched your video, but it didnt really answer my question. I want to keep everything nice exposed during the whole video. How should i do that? Scott G - would like to hear how heavier lenses such as the Sigma 50mm Art balance on a rebel series body. One of the greatest usability factors I realized after purchasing more glass was the improved ergonomics going from a SL1 to a 6D (same size as a 70D). May be an important factor to consider when deciding between a new T6i/T6s and the 70D if the person purchasing is interested in getting into some serious glass. I noticed a serious improvement in hand fatigue in my own transition, leading to a more enjoyable shooting experience.