Nebo Motion Controlled Slider - Add Motion to Your DSLR/GoPro/ML Timelapse

I backed the Nebo Motion Controlled Slider on Kickstarter last summer and it arrived just a few days ago. In this video I take a few moments to show the setup, demo it in action and offer a few tips for shooting timelapses, especially motion controlled timelapses.Early thoughts on the Nebo Motion Slider -It is well made, all of the pieces are high quality machined aluminum except the rails which are carbon fiber, incredibly lightweight. Just 3.2 lbs for the motorized version (powered by a 9 volt battery offering about 6 hours of highest speed motor use)  and it all comes apart to pack down to be very portable.Setup- Easy and self explanatory - Capture Beyond Limits has a short video to watch if you have any questions. The double wrap of the motor pulley with the paracord is especially important when running the slider at an angle. It also seems to be important to have the motor at the top and pulling the dolly up.Use - The dolly has both tripod head bolt and a standard tripod bolt give you the option to mount a camera directly or use a tripod head to give you additional freedom and angles when shooting.  The bottom of the center and each end bracket also have tripod sockets for getting the slider off the ground. Out in the field if you plan to only use one tripod make sure it is stable enough to support the weight of the camera/dolly when it is at the far end, what might seem like a stable setup could tip when the camera get's to the motorized end and you have lots of weight far from the center point. This is a great time to use your tripod hook, that little hook at the bottom of the center column, hang something heavy there or make sure you spread the tripod legs wider. A second option is to bring two tripods and use at each end. This certainly negates some of the lightweight benefits of the slider.

Quick Tip - Check your composition at the beginning and end of the rails, make sure the rails don't appear in your sequence and the shot starts and ends with good compositions.

From the early attempts I shot it is clear that this is a learning process. Some of the clips would have been just as good if I shot with video and moved manually, the timelapse aspect didn't add much other than very smooth and consistent movement. But it also added some white balance issues that I forgot to correct in post and will be back with more soon!