UPLIFT Desk 900 & Workspace/Studio Tour

This is my review of the UPLIFT Desk 900 and a tour of my work space

UPLIFT  Desk 900 Adjustable-Height Standing Desk

I would add that it is an adjustable-height SIT or STAND desk.My job requires spending long hours at a desk and sitting for hours on end is really unhealthy. I would get out of bed in the morning, make my long commute down the hallway and plunk into a chair, sitting there most of the day except for short breaks for meals. This job requires long hours in front of the computer and sitting for all of those hours was really taking it's toll on my well being.   In the past I have experimented with standing desks but found that some tasks were better suited for sitting and I didn't like being locked into standing and all the DIY approaches seemed really clunky - balancing my computer on a box wasn't really an option - What I really wanted was something that allowed me to easily go from sitting to standing and vice versa.The answer is the UPLIFT Desk 900 -  This is a motorized desk that goes from sitting to standing in seconds. I have had this desk for about two weeks and still grin like a kid every time I adjust the height - it is just so smooth and easy.Setup was easy - we bolted the legs on the bottom - used the included cable management system to keep the desk wires hidden and flipped it right side up and plugged it in!Some of the uplift Desk optionsI received the black legs and maple top - You have a huge range of customization options including the option to purchase just the legs and supply your own top.   The build quality is exceptional and the legs can support 335 lbs! Uplift Desk Control PanelYou have a little button panel you can mount anywhere under the desk that provides a LED readout and 4 memory buttons along with up and down arrows for precise adjustments. The desk moves smoothly and quickly, taking less than 10 seconds to go from my programmed sitting to standing positions.   I worried about wearing the desk out as I was giving forcing the cats to ride up and down one day but with a 5 year complete warranty I feel safe giving them as many rides as they will stand.My routine now starts with standing - It feels great to start the day in a more active position and have the option to easily sit for short periods for some tasks. Additionally this desk is an awesome studio surface as I can easily adjust it for best height for the shot I am looking for when creating my videos.The price starts at $699.00 & includes FREE shipping.Shop and learn more at The Human Solution