Mish Mash Highlights for September 9th, 2015 - Paris Edition

featuredimageToby and Christina are on their way to a wonderful bit of time in Paris, France before another McKay Photography Academy adventure in Greece. As there is no live mish mash show in the meanwhile these are the highlights of the week in the traditional article format. Regularly scheduled live shows will return September 30th. Remember to follow Toby on Instagram @photorectoby and Christina @christinabernales for vacation photos in lovely Paris. For the Greece trip coming up you can use the hashtag #mckaylivegreece2015 to see all of the talented photographers photos.

In Case You Missed It!

Sony A7RII Reviewsony_a7r_mark_ii_digital_1433958442000_1159878Toby was teasing the Sony A7RII the entire trip through Iceland and the review is finally out. Is this the replacement camera you’ve been looking for to switch or another glimpse to the future? Check out Toby’s article and video through the link above and hear his thoughts on the new mirrorless that’s spreading like wildfire. Available now at Amazon & B&HCleaning your DSLR or Mirrorless SensorHappen to take a lot of photos and notice a few dots in the same spot of every photo? You might have a bit of dust on your camera’s sensor. As I help Toby answer questions through Facebook, very frequently people ask how to clean your sensor. I’m lucky in Michigan that there is a local service center that does sensor cleanings for free during events. For those without such a benefit you can do it yourself, but it is a bit tricky. Follow Toby in the video to see his tips and a tutorial for cleaning a camera sensor. What’s in our bags? Travel to Greece & France EditionPhotography GearEveryone wants to know what’s in Toby and Christina’s bags and here’s your chance to see what they packed for the trip to France and Greece. Click the link above to see the entire loadout with links to buy each item.


As a note if anyone would like to contribute a story feel free to send an email to DPRnews@rm3.me. Some of the news stories today have been contributed by Christopher Zeller of Boulder, CO!Dear Photographer, You Only Live OnceYou only live once, or twice in James Bond’s case, as Toby and Christina will be off adventuring for the next few weeks this article might give you the inspiration to do the same. Have you been thinking about going on a trip? Maybe it’s time. There's always time to save up for a 2016 Mckay Live trip as well., Scotland looks interesting!DJ Sparks Outcry from Photographers After Shooting and Sharing Wedding PhotosDubbed #weddingphotogate, at a wedding the DJ decided to take a few shots for social media andinstead shot 232 photos of the wedding. Was the laptop on shuffle the entire time? For the wedding the paid photographer had an exclusivity agreement barring other photographers making this a bit of an issue. Just this week in almost an exact mirror to this case a photographer got a six figure payout for the same problem. We’re not talking about a “Uncle Bob” who is a family member that happened to be at the wedding but a paid wedding vendor that knew better. The DJ refused to take the photos down until the family had to step into the conflict. We’ll see what happens when all is said and done but this certainly could be headed towards the same conclusion with a lawsuit. Running a 10K Mud Obstacle Race with a Nikon DSLR in HandAs a certain member of the community here, who will not be named, had issues with her T4i in the rain how many of you have really put your camera to the test? A Nikon D750 went through the ringer photographing the Titans Race, a 10K outdoor race, and came back though a bit dirty to say the least. Check out the brutal photos and the link above and prepare to cringe a little. Olympus Temporarily Pause Sales of the Newly Released E-M10 Mark IIHappen to pick up a Olympus E-M10 Mark II? You might want to get in touch with the company as their is a bit of a fault with the camera. While it’s sad to hear that another camera manufacturer is having issues with a just released product the silver lining would be they didn’t try hiding this fact for months before announcing the problem. Canon: We’re Building a 120-Megapixel DSLRRemember when the megapixel war was a thing? After Canon’s 50MP 5DS/5DSR models hit 50MP now Canon is trying for a 120MP camera. Considering Canon is also trying to develop a 250MP sensor as well it may be time to think about getting a bit more hard drive storage. If that’s not enough overkill in the same announcement they also have a 8K cinema camera.  Apple Unveils a Giant iPad Pro and Apple Pencil StyluspencildrawingApple trying to be, well the apple of everything, came up with a new larger iPad with a stylus. As the Microsoft Surface has started gaining traction as a nice platform for photo editing Apple went in the same direction but also added Wacom tablet like features. For editing photos a stylus does wonders so it’s something to look forward to soon. Dji Phantom 3 & Inspire 1 Add Auto Flight Modes via Firmware UpdateDJI’s new Phantom 3 & Inspire 1 just got Intelligent Flight through a firmware update. This means for you the drone is now a real drone and not just a remote control camera for once. Set waypoints, courses, and even follow the leader like a proper drone. We’ve seen these features in other drones lately but as DJI is one of the leading manufacturers it's nice to see they’ve added the features as well to their new products. Tamron relaunches SP series with 35mm F1.8 Di VC USD and SP 45mm F1.8 Di VC USDMore new lenses! With Tamron’s push to start putting out higher grade lenses and Nikon filling their catalog with updates we’ve got a new crop of lenses. If you're looking for a midrange lens the near future might be a blessing if these products come out with good reviews. Not to mention for fast lenses Tamerons lineup is coming with built in image stabilization at a somewhat reasonable $599.SIGMA 150-600mm F5-6.3 DG OS HSM | Sports Nikon Users – Firmware UpdateSigma’s new 150-600mm lens received a firmware performance update that fixes a few of the focusing issues the lens was having. As a note do you need the Sigma USB Dock to attach to the lens to update the firmware. Some stores do offer this as a free service to update your lens but it is uncommon and you may have to buy the dock yourself. Sigma USB Dock Canon at Amazon & B&HSigma USB Dock Nikon at Amazon & B&HNikon Snags New ‘C’ and ‘V’ Trademarks for SoftwareFor the most part the software that comes with your camera is plain horrid. It’s hard to use, doesn’t promote a good workflow, and is just not as good as commercially available products. Nikon has registered two new trademarks for Nikon Capture and Nikon View which may alleviate that problem, at least for Nikon users. Nikon C sounds like it will be a basic level editor while Nikon V handles more of the advanced features. The Best Joke A Photographer Can Play On Their SubjectFinally, if you feel up to no good this weekend maybe it’s time for a bit of fun. Instead of stills switch your camera to video and it's time to “photograph” your friends.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2iumJn-ChyM 


Due to the photo duo being on vacation, this week's instagram challenge has been extended until next week. The nice thing about an open challenge is that we’ve got fireworks, lightning, animals, and even an energetic baby… Keep up the good work folks and let's see what else you can come up with!

Tip of the Day - Green Grass is Yellow?

Tryingcolor for green grass in your photos and having issues? In Lightroom use the HSL slider to adjust the yellow hue to the right by 10 for green grass and lower the yellow saturation by the same amount. While it is a starting point you might find you need to adjust the hue more for your preferred level of green. If you have multiple yellow subjects in your photo using a Hue/Saturation layer in photoshop is preferable as you can use a layer mask to select only what you would like to change.

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