Canon EF 70-300mm f/4-5.6 IS II USM Lens Review

Guest Review from Videographer and Photographer Korey Rowe - Check out his Youtube Channel.

While there are countless detailed reviews out there that can give you the true spec’s and breakdown on this new lens, these are my personal thoughts regarding choosing the Canon 70-300 Mkii over other zoom lenses including L Series Glass.The new Canon 70-300 MkII is a viable L series Tele-Zoom replacement for Canon (Canon Mounted) shooters, especially those looking to have a photo and video zoom lens. With a “Nano IS Motor” that delivers four stops of IS and STM like smooth and quiet focusing, this USM upgrade is nothing to pass over. It incorporates Canon's first digital display on the lens which is customizable and quite handy.New lens elements (UD Glass) gives you sharper results at an economical price point with better light disbursement over its predecessors and cheaper than fluorite glass elements typically found in high-end zoom lenses. While it softens in the corners just a touch and has a variable 4-5.6 max open aperture as cons, the savings and versatility in video mode make this my new go to kit tele-zoom lens.We all know that shooting distances in photo mode can be tricky and it gets even more complicated in video mode. Capturing a professional result that is not too shaky or not sharp enough can often be difficult when dealing with older zoom lenses. Because Canon DSLR’s often leave the IS up to lens to do the work having this much stabilization will be a game changer when shooting run and gun close ups especially in 4k video mode on the 5D Mk iv (pushes the focal length over 400mm).In a two camera shoot having a reliable B-cam on close-ups that can publish smooth cutaways can make or break the final outcome of a short form advertisement or YouTube video. Also having a digital display that can give you quick reference on focal length (Which updates for APS-C cameras), aperture and more is the next step in lens evolution.Lastly, saving on space and weight can be a nice addition when traveling and trying to make it in those shrinking overhead bins. As sensor technology continues to expand almost daily it's nice to see that the lenses have started to get some new tech as well.
Guest Review from Videographer and Photographer Korey Rowe - Check out his Youtube Channel | Instagram