Canon 90D DSLR - Capable with Pro Level Features!

The latest model in the popular mid-tier DSLR of Canon’s offerings has just been announced. 

  • 32.5 MP

  • 45 AF points - All cross type (highest accuracy)

  • -3 EV for low light capable focusing

  • 10 fps - Fast (up from 7 fps in Canon 80D)

  • Digic 8 Processor

  • ISO 25,600

  • 4k 30p not cropped beyond existing APS-C crop

  • 3” 1 mil dot Vari Angle LCD (fully articulating tousch screen)

  • Thumbstick for focus point movement (80D lacked thumbstick)

Screenshot 2019-08-27 14.36.10.png
That thumbstick near the top right of the articulating LCD screen is borrowed from the 7D line - Good Stuff!

That thumbstick near the top right of the articulating LCD screen is borrowed from the 7D line - Good Stuff!

The rumor was the 90D would incorporate some elements of the 7D line and it appears with the 10fps, lower light focusing, Digic 8 processor and thumb stick that this is true. This is not a minor bump in specs from the 80D. This does look like a marriage of the two lines.  Jumping to 32MP in a crop sensor is interesting - higher than many entry level full frame cameras that are currently on the market and certainly a larger MP offering than almost all APS-C cameras currently on the market. The cost at launch will be similar to the 80D. I am impressed that Canon has blended elements from the powerful 7D Mark II into the 90D while keeping the price the same as the 80D was at launch. 

Canon EOS 90D  Body $1199

Canon EOS 90D w/18-55mm STM Kit $1349

Canon EOS 90D w/18-135mm USM Kit $1599

Shipping will begin in Mid-September

The big question I have - how will this 32MP sensor perform? I feel that Canon has at times in the past relied on megapixels to grab attention and fallen behind on low light performance and dynamic range- stats that more and more photographers care about. There is a chance that although they crammed more megapixels in here it won’t perform noticeably better than prior sensors.  Overall I think this will represent a solid upgrade for existing 70D and 80D owners and I think will make the decision between staying with a crop sensor body and upgrading to a full frame a bit more difficult. The Canon 6D Mark II with fewer megapixels is almost the same price - though you will need to factor in the cost and additional weight of new lenses. And we are rumored to be just hours away from new Sony APS-C cameras too that offer a lighter, more compact body built around some of the best APS-C sensors on the market. And while we are talking about weight - more and more I hear from people tired of carrying a big DSLR around and the 90D is basically the same size and weight.  And there is Fuji with the BEST mirrorless APS-C, the XT-3. And finally Canon’s own EOS M6 Mark II- a mirrorless camera designed around the same sensor. That’s all to say - it’s a crowded field these days and I am anxious to see just how well this new sensor performs but it’s clear Canon has played to its strengths here with a well built, decently specd camera offered at a good value. Combine that with their ease of use, friendly Canon interface and 1 bazillion Canon lenses and I think the Canon 90D will sell to those not already switched to other cameras or on the fence. I don’t think it offers anything compelling enough to pull photographers and videographers back from other systems.  What do you think?