Christina's Gift Guide 2014

Christina's Corner of the Holiday Gift Guide (aka - what she wants)

Christina is a professional wedding photographer and co-host on our weekly Photo Mish Mash podcast. You can see more of her work at or Instagram/Christinabernales

Stylish photographer gift ONA Bag Insert - This insert is awesome for when I'm traveling light and I want to bring along my DSLR, a few extra accessories and my daily items. At $69 it's a very well-made, versatile accessory for the photographer in your life. Buy from Amazon or B&H Photo Video
Screenshot 2014-11-25 21.09.03 ONA Presidio Leather Camera Strap - This camera strap is stylish and the leather is long-lasting and it just gets more and more comfortable over time. ONA has canvas straps, too, but leather is a classic look that will look great through the decades. $99 Buy from Amazon or B&H Photo Video.
Screenshot 2014-11-25 17.50.06 HoldFast Dual Camera Strap in Bison Leather - Are you seeing a theme here? I really dig leather goods. Like the neck strap, this dual camera strap is the most comfortable (and stylish) way to carry two cameras at once for hours on end. The bison is ultra-soft but all the leathers soften overtime and mold to your body for the perfect fit. $300 - $310 Buy from Amazon or B&H Photo Video
Screenshot 2014-11-25 21.09.49 ONA Brixton Messenger Camera Bag - This bag is beautiful functional, and like with all other ONA products, solidly built. I'd be elated to see this beautiful bag this holiday. $279 Buy from Amazon or B&H Photo Video.


Screenshot 2014-11-25 21.28.44 Lensbaby with Edge 80 Optic - This is a super fun way to get creative with those cool tilt-shift photos without breaking the bank. This is my favorite Lensbaby Optic of them all. $499. Buy from Amazon or B&H Photo Video.
Screenshot 2014-11-25 21.28.21 Lensbaby Composer - Don't want to splurge on the Edge 80? This Lensbaby Composer kit is perfect for anyone looking to get started. You can always add the Edge 80 Optic on later. And don't forget Lensbaby makes these fun lenses for just about all camera mounts! $199.95 Buy from Amazon or B&H Photo Video (Instant savings at B&H brings price down to $159.95
Screenshot 2014-11-25 21.35.33 Sigma Art 50mm F/1.4 Lens - This is probably my favorite lens ever. Its sharpness is unmatched and its price cannot be beat. They say it rivals Zeiss glass and it's true. It's the best. $949 Buy from Amazon or B&H Photo Video
Screenshot 2014-11-25 21.35.52 Sigma Art 35mm F1.4 Lens - Same as the fifty but a little wider. My second favorite lens. $899 Buy from Amazon or B&H Photo Video


Christina's Camera Picks

Screenshot 2014-11-25 21.35.18 Fujifilm Instax 210 - Fuji makes several of these but the 210 landscape version is my favorite. This is a great gift for just about anyone - friends, siblings, cousins, nieces, nephews, or significant others. These Fuji cameras bring photography back to being the tangible piece of instant nostalgia that it was during the Polaroid era. $58.49 Buy from Amazon or B&H Photo Video
Screenshot 2014-11-25 21.41.10 Panasonic Lumix GH4 - This camera is a videographer's dream. It's silky smooth to focus and offers amazing video and photo quality at a very good price. I want it. Do you want it? Cause I want it. Recent price drop to $1497 (B&H includes a few freebies too) Buy from Amazon or B&H Photo Video
Screenshot 2014-11-25 21.44.11 Fujifilm XT1 - The electronic viewfinder on this camera is as dreamy as the image quality. It looks like a vintage rangefinder without having to worry about developing any film. Definitely on my list. $1198 Buy from Amazon or B&H Photo Video
Screenshot 2014-11-25 22.07.42 Canonet QL7 GIII - And for the analog photography lover in your life. Here's a super cool, affordable fun camera. ~$50 Buy on ebay

Gift Cards

Screenshot 2014-11-25 21.58.43 Amazon Gift Card - All but one of the items on this guide can be purchased on Amazon. If you're not ready to commit to gifting any one of these things, why not just nudge them in the right direction with an Amazon gift card?  Amazon is offering $25 towards a digital camera if you buy someone a $100 Gift Card.
Screenshot 2014-11-25 21.59.13 BH Photo Video Gift Card - Almost all of the items on this guide can also be purchased at B&H. You'll also get brownie points for it being a photography-specific gift card from one of the biggest camera stores in the world. Seriously, you can find just about anything at that store.
Screenshot 2014-11-25 22.00.04 Artifact Uprising Gift Card - Few things are more rewarding to a photographer than seeing their images in print. Artifact Uprising offers a range of really beautiful and simple products to help bring photos from the digital world into the tangible world easily. Better yet - why not make your loved ones a photo book from one of your adventures with them? That's a gift they'll love forever

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