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Week in Review (AKA in case you missed it)

Last Sunday I posted on Facebook this status"1531 vs 840. Guess?"The answer - The number of shots I took with the Sony vs the Canon at last weekend's wedding! That says a lot. It is a VERY capable camera and I am happy with the performance. Full review coming soon.Commlite Vs Metabones reviewFirst thing I change video  Preorder (on B&H) in Sony A, Nikon F, and Canon EF mounts. 35mm and 45mm each for $599Note: 70D Magic Lantern doesn’t have FPS override (Bearly escaped with their lives)EOS M3Canon 35mm + Canon vs. Sigma discussion

GOTT Gear on the Table

GH4 has returned, no longer a cracked LCD but the paper that returned with the GH4 - "This camera has been abused" Yikes, so harsh.Rocket Blowers are good at removing sensor dust.See my sensor dust?News: remove distracting objects gives you a free year of storage with any camera or photo product costing more than $50. - Click for more details.Instagram Now Supports Landscape and Portrait Format PhotosHere’s Why Instagram Chose to Break the FramePeak Design Releasing Lens Changing System to Kickstarter Backers FirstPhoto Mythbusters: How Much Do UV Filters Actually Protect Your Lenses?^ We’ve had similar articles the last couple weeks but it’s still interesting to watch the videoCERN Photowalk 2015Eagle takes drone out of the sky