ONA Bag Brixton - Style without Sacrifice

ONA Bag Brixtonhttps://youtu.be/wxt1FA501AAChristina here with a review of  the ONA Brixton shoulder bag retailing at $439. My favorite thing about this bag is just how beautiful it is and how well it fits with my personal style. The antique cognac leather finish is extremely versatile in just about any situation. It has two brass buckles that provide easy access to your gear and whenever I want to use it as a lens exchanger, I simply leave the flap open to grab a lens quickly.When I’m out exploring and when I’m on a shoot, it blends in well and makes me feel pretty inconspicuous about the fact that I’m there to shoot - this works well for the my style of photography.ONA Bag InteriorBesides being a pretty bag, it’s also extremely well-made and functional. At roughly 10 by 13 inches it allows me to fit at least one camera body with a lens, plus three additional lenses and it has two huge pockets at the front that let me toss whatever I need to put away at any given moment. I particularly appreciate this because I’m often taking off lens caps and carrying clients’ things for them and it’s super helpful to be able to not have to look through tons of different pockets to find a place for things. It’s extremely well-padded, too so my gear feels well protected.It’s really comfortable - leather goods have the added benefit of molding to your body the more you use them and this bag already feels broken in after a couple of months.ONA shoulder padThere are a couple of things I wish were different about the ONA Brixton bag - The first is that it is heavier than other fabric/nylon camera bags I’ve used in the past, especially when it’s full of stuff.My other complaint is that the strap is a little bit long for my small frame. I’m petite at five foot one and I can’t seem to get the strap to be short enough for me to comfortably grab something while the bag is hanging off my shoulder and if I did shorten the strap further, it would move the shoulder pad off center and my shoulder would hit the metal buckle. I think I could be better off with the Prince Street, a smaller version of this bag, but I love the ability to put my 13” laptop in it and the Prince Street only has room for 11" and smaller laptops. If you’re at least 5' 4" though, don’t worry, you shouldn’t run into this problem.So to wrap up this short review, It’s safe to say that it’s become my everywhere bag. I’ve taken it on day trips, long-distance trips, and wedding and portrait shoots and I love it. Style is as important to me as function and this bag certainly checks both of those boxes and if this particular bag isn’t for you, ONA has a huge selection of other great bags to meet your needs.Upsides to the ONA Brixton

  • Exceptionally well made
  • Perfect amount of pockets - not too many you end up searching for stuff but still enough to keep organized
  • Gear is well padded and protected
  • Looks better every day

Downsides to the ONA Brixton

  • Shorter than 5' 4" and you may find the bag hangs a little too low.
  • Heavy

ONA Bag Brixton in action Shop ONA BagsONA was kind enough to provide us with this bag for review, this is not a paid endorsement and the opinions on this video and post are our own.