Senal SMH-1000 Headphone Review

Senal SMH-1000Those have you been watching my videos know that at times I haven’t always gotten the audio perfect - one of my issues was not having decent headphones to monitor the audio coming in and not using high quality headphones while editing.  These Senal SMH-1000 closed back studio headphones have made a huge difference in my ability to monitor the audio and check the quality while editing.  These are professional grade studio monitor headphones and the feel professional in the hand and I can attest to their comfort wearing for long periods of time. The harp and ear cups are nicely padded for comfort.Senal SMH-1000 Nice Ear PaddingSenal SMH-1000 3' Straight CordSenal SMH-1000 10' coiled cordDespite their professional looking size they actually fold up nicely and come with two interchangeable and locking cords - you can use a 3’ straight cord or a coiled 10’ cord and a 1/4” gold plated adapter.Senal SMH-1000 Headphones Fold for travel I don't consider myself an audiophile but it is easy to hear a huge difference between the SMH-1000 and the USB audio headset I was using.  The tonal range is wider and the difference in clarity is significant the reviews on B&H support my opinion.You can also order replacement cords and ear pads.Read the reviews and buy at B&H PhotoWatch and read over my DSLR Audio Capture Recommendations