Spring Photography Backgrounds and Props

DIY Pastel Painted Speckled Plastic Easter Eggs | http://www.photorec.tvSpring photography backgrounds and props will take your warm weather photo sessions to the next level. From simple newborn shoots in your own backyard to large weddings in fancy venues, there are spring photography backgrounds and props to fit every budget and shooting style. Don't be afraid to mix and match ideas as they work best for your photography style and your clients' preferences.

Spring Backgrounds and Props | http://www.photorec.tvClean, light backgrounds

I love to use clean, bright backdrops for spring and summer shoots, saving darker backgrounds (i.e. deep red brick, faux black chalkboard) for fall and winter. My go-to floor pattern is light faux wood (I have both vinyl and paper backdrops). My go-to backdrop is light blue bokeh. More recently, I picked up a distressed teal vinyl backdrop and an assorted set of white backdrops with colored dots, both of which are perfect for spring shooting as well.Spring Backgrounds and Props | http://www.photorec.tv

Spring Backgrounds and Props | http://www.photorec.tvEaster props

Easter props are great for mini portrait sessions with babies, toddlers, and small children. They are also ideal backdrop elements for styled Easter and spring shoots, such as recipes and DIY projects. I love to scout for seasonal and holiday props in the Target dollar section and at Michaels, where there are always sales and coupons. There are also always a handful of seasonal items, such as plastic eggs, that are cheap everywhere and make for a simple, fun prop in virtually any type of holiday styled shoot or portrait session.


Umbrellas create a whimsical element in toddler and kid portraits, family sessions, engagement shoots, maternity photos, and even spring wedding photos. Consider purchasing umbrellas specifically designed as photo or wedding props, which tend to be more lightweight and fun than traditional rain umbrellas.

Spring Backgrounds and Props | http://www.photorec.tvGarlands and banners

A simple garland or banner adds a festive touch to a neutral backdrop. They are readily available at big box and craft stores or you can make your own. There are tons of easy free DIY tutorials for spring, Easter, and Mother's Day garlands and banners. A quick search on Google or Pinterest will get you started. Garlands and banners take up virtually no space, making them an ideal prop to store and pull out again year after year.


Getting a few shots on or with bicycles is a fun option for couples or families who enjoy biking together. If you know your client enjoys this hobby, simply suggest it as option when they're preparing for the shoot, so they can plan to bring their bikes along.

Picnic spread

A picnic spread is another fun way to capture action shots with couples, kids, or families without feeling too posed. Don't feel like you have to bring an entire meal along for a portrait or engagement session. A small snacks spread or cheese and wine will complete the aesthetic perfectly. If you're planning a golden hour shoot, roasting marshmallows and making s'mores is another great option.

Spring Backgrounds and Props | http://www.photorec.tvSpring Backgrounds and Props | http://www.photorec.tvFlowers

After months of snow and gray skies, we're all starved for the pop of color that flowers provide. Flowers make a great backdrop or prop. There are lots of printed floral backdrops available or you can create your own hanging floral backdrop. Danielle of Lou What Wear has an awesome floral backdrop tutorial.I am not a gardener and have a lot of faux flowers as decor pieces in my house that I can pull as needed for photo shoots. I like to style them in mason jars and faux glass milk and soda bottles. Michaels offers an abundance of faux flowers at low prices. I've also found some surprisingly nice faux stems at the dollar store. If you shoot professionally or are planning to take pictures of kids or family, consider purchasing a few bouquets or gathering fresh flowers from your garden.

Ice cream or lemonade stand

For more ambitious DIY enthusiasts who do professional toddler and kid portraits, an ice cream or lemonade stand backdrop or prop (in which kids can actually pose in the stand) is an adorable idea for spring shoots. Most tutorials are for lemonade stands, but you can easily customize the concept to create an ice cream stand. Check out tutorials from Accessorize and Organize, Fantabulosity, and See Vanessa Craft.

Spring Backgrounds and Props | http://www.photorec.tvOutdoor elements

Whenever possible, get outside for spring portraits, family shoots, and couple and group wedding shots. I know that location, time of year, and the weather on any given day may not be conducive to outdoor spring shooting, especially early in spring. Embrace the opportunities that you do have, seeking out locations to include flowers in your backdrops. Keep in mind many public parks, gardens, and other favorite outdoor locations get busy on weekends, so plan accordingly.

Spring Backgrounds and Props | http://www.photorec.tvWhat are your favorite spring photography backgrounds and props?

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