I haven’t talked about Samsung much lately- they seem to be producing quality cameras but not having received a single question about their cameras from any of my readers and viewers means I don’t spend my limited time researching and reviewing cameras that no one is asking about. That might change with this latest release – it certainly has grabbed some headlines with 15FPS, 205 phase detect AF points, 153 of which are cross-type, covering 90% of the frame and the ability to record 4K video. Oh it has those current features – touchscreen and NFC/Wifi that help to make the 7D Mark II (before it is even officially released) look a little shabby. Of course Canon has a significantly greater lens selection and ecosystem but with this NX1 being packed full of features I am willing to bet more than a few photographers will make the “sacrifice.” I will have a full review of this camera soon. Follow on Facebook, Youtube and my Newsletter to stay subscribed.


Here are the photos and the full specs of the new Samsung NX1

  • New 28MP Back Side Illuminated APS-C Sensor
  • The NX AF System III on the NX1 is supported by 205 phase detect auto focus points
  • NX1 can shoot at up to 15 FPS at full resolution
  • Captures UHD/4k video to SD card or can output it via HDMI port
  • OLED EVF has a lag time of 5ms, fast enough to be undetectable to the human eye.
  • Incorporates the newest Wi-Fi standard, IEEE802.11ac
  • The body is magnesium alloy; water and dust sealed.

The Samsung NX1 will be available mid-October for $1500. A kit with the Samsung 16-50mm f/2.8 and a vertical battery grip will also be available for $2800.

Preorder The Samsung NX1 from Amazon | B&H


Screenshot 2014-09-15 07.46.25

Articulating! Touchscreen!
Articulating! Touchscreen!

Pairing nicely with the new NX1 is the just announced NX 50-150mm F2.8 OIS. A Weather-sealed, Image Stabilized (OIS) lens covering the equivalent range equivalent of 77-231mm on Samsung’s APS-C NX cameras. The 50-150mm F2.8 OIS will sell for $1599.99.

Pre Order the NX 50-150 f/2.8 OIS from B&H

Screenshot 2014-09-15 07.59.56

Screenshot 2014-09-15 07.59.33

Screenshot 2014-09-15 07.59.18

A few popular lenses from B&H that gives you an idea of the lens selection

B&H has a complete list of NX mount lenses

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 Evening in Bol on the island of Brač, off the coast of Split. One of our last nights in Croatia - looking forward to a return to this beautiful country. Panasonic #GH5 12-60 lens 3 second exposure.
 Way back in March we spent a few nights at the awesome #aurorabear yurt run by @frankstelges If you want to hang out at the coolest yurt while watching #auroraborealis reach out to him!! While waiting for the aurora to show up I ran the 80D in time-lapse mode and then stacked it all in #starstax which answers the question - what's it look like when you shoot the stars AND the full moon and StarStax it all. Captured with the #Canon #80D and 24mm f/2.8 lens. (Note - the 80D ran for 3 hours in near zero temps on one battery!)
 Left to Right - Mahtotopa Mountain(8,671 ft), Little Chief Mountain (9,514 ft), Citadel Mountain (9,035 ft) - as seen from Going-To-The-Sun Point #GlacierNP is awesome even if #loganpass is closed! I could tell you when it will open but we were sworn to secrecy :) #mckaylive

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  1. What was basically expected from Canon, it was actually delivered by Samsung. After Apple, it seems like they want to take Canon over too!

  2. Great show on youtube, enjoy it very much. Have been waiting for more than a year for Canon to break new ground and I am very disappointed with the 7D M2. I have been waiting for more than 18 months to buy a new system after having sold all my Nikon stuff and was really keen on jumping on the Canon wagon….. but not so sure anymore. Have just looked at all the news from Photokina and the Samsung NX1 really surprised me. It actually ticks ALL the boxes was hooping for on the 7D M2, and as far as I can tell with a better sensor. This combined with the 16-50mm f2-f2.8 and the 50-150mm f2.8 whats not to like. I would have sworn that I would ever consider going for Samsung for my serious camera, but now I am not so sure anymore. Would love to hear your take on the matter.
    Thank you for a great show from a humble guy in Denmark
    best regards Michael

  3. I’m a 20-yr pro newspaper photojournalist (now photo editor/ journalist/ videographer) who is making a partial transition to the Samsung NX1 from the Canons at work. I wanted a camera that could do both great stills and great video, and also have more speed for action and wildlife than the 5DmkIII and D750.
    The 7DmkII is not the impressive leap forward in dynamic range or sensitivity/noise that I had hoped for and is often found on newer Nikon and Sony cameras.
    The 7DmkII doesn’t even have WiFi in 2015 — but that’s OK: short-staffed modern photojournalists have plenty of time to do things the old fashioned way on deadline! ;( …
    It does not have the video-AF-friendly touch screen of the 70D.
    It has no 4K video of the NX1/GH4/A7s/etc, and the 1080P video has been described as moire and alias prone.
    The D7200 is at least better as far as WiFi for quick transfer to smartphone and then transmission to websites/newsroom/client/Facebook/etc, but it’s FPS for stills is about as mediocre (sometimes inadequate) as the D750 and 5DmkIII, and still no 4K or other advanced/modern video features.

    Basically, Canon and Nikon are slow, greedy, conservative dinosaurs compared to Samsung in some ways — Except especially: LENSES!, perhaps or nearly the most important area, where both Canon and Nikon have an awesome assortment of lenses of many different lengths and prices (and aftermarket AF lenses made for their mounts, and specialty lenses like tilt-shifts).
    The NX1, however, is amazingly advanced electronically/functionally but Samsung is lagging in the optical department, for now. They have a semi-compact 300mm 2.8 OIS ED lens coming out soon, but right now they have NO telephotos above 200mm and NO teleconverters! Lens adapters and manual focus/exposure are the only workaround.
    SAMSUNG NEEDS MORE AND LONGER TELEPHOTOS!!! … Their weather-sealed pro S-series lenses with OIS and ED elements, the 16-50mm 2.0-2.8 and the 50-150mm 2.8, are wonderful (the 16-50 and NX1 beat the 5DmkIII with 24-70 2.8L in sharpness, while the sensor has more DR at low ISO), and there are some fast, very good primes and surprisingly good performance/value short and medium zooms, but they greatly need to add things like: 80-400mm or 150-500mm, fast 200? affordable 400?, and 2x/1.4x teleconverters.
    The camera impresses — fast stills AF, truly great stills image quality from 100-1600 and good enough at 3200-6400, ability to transmit from the field quickly, gorgeous 4K (croppable for telephoto 1080P and makes for superior 1080P in general), camcorder-like continuous AF tracking (FAR superior to any serious Canon/Nikon), and the price is pretty amazing for the capability it and its system offer just as is. Lastly, they really do keep making it better and adding things via firmware — better AF, more cinema-like video DR, better stills buffer, etc

    • Shaun, I agree 100% with everything you said. You have practically echoed my review that I am close to releasing 🙂 My one concern is low light focusing – I find it to be tricky at times with the 16-50. You?

  4. yes, it gets somewhat confused and fails every once in a while … sort of stumbly there sometimes, but very good most of the time when light isn’t too low or too flat

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