It was your chance to shoot the holidays with the Ho Ho Ho Instagram challenge. You could go festive with a tree or think outside the box and we had a lot of great entries. Shooting a theme like Christmas opens a lot of options for photos, lighting, and ideas so its a nice way to think creatively for a shot or find one.

For next week the new challenge fits today with resolution. It’s your chance to shoot your goal for the new year. A bit more creative for some depending on your goals but it should be an interesting challenge.

To enter post your photos on Instagram before noon next Friday with the tags #PRTV and #PRTV_resolution.

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And the team!
Toby – Photorectoby Roy – RoyMcKeeIII

Roy’s Winner:

The terrier is lit quite nicely against the tree making for a nice Christmas photo.  Being low light the faster aperture worked nicely and brings your dog out tack sharp while blurring the background well.

Roy’s Honorable Mentions:

Going a bit out of the box with the biggest bokeh tree in london made for a great concept. Shooting out of focus makes for some interesting photos and it’s a neat idea for a holiday staple.

Getting a slight bit of elevation and shooting the whole scene makes for a great shot. Going over the water adds the reflections of the lights making the photo a bit busy but a really nice scene overall.

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 I feel lucky - a 3 minute walk from home puts me on a little secret beach access looking across Elliott Bay to Olympic Mountain views like this! I had hoped to try a longer exposure to get the clouds all smooth and wispy but a 600mm lens and a stiff breeze caused too much shake, so I just sat there, shooting, watching the sun, hoping for a moment when the clouds would light up like this! * Captured last night with the #Sony #A7RII and #Tamron #150600G2 at 500mm
 I love that light on the Northern Flicker's breast! This image has a few issues - it's getting a little noisy, I'd have love to shoot at a slightly smaller aperture to get his head in focus and that bright light around his beak is distracting but I keep coming back to that light and the soft green frame :) Also related to my recent video 80D vs the 77D - why buy an older camera? learn more Captured with the #80D and #Tamron #150600G2 Lens at ISO 2000
 #mondaymorningshare - Were you trying to impress the ladies this week like this green winged teal? Visit to share your favorite photo from the last week and check out all the submissions! It's a great way to get your work seen! * Captured with the Sigma 150-600 C as I wrap up my comparison vs the Tamron 150-600

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