Architecture, portraits, and more this week with some nicely thought out shots in the Centered Instagram Challenge. Compared to the rule of thirds or other methods a strong subject is a must this week as all the attention is front and center. With that in mind for centering your subject, the composition for the whole shot also played a rather large part whether using minimalism, framing, symmetry, leading lines, or mirroring an image.

We’ve got a trickier subject next week for the Shadows Instagram challenge. Paint a subject in shadow or shoot just a shadow, it’s up to you, but creativity is key this week! P.S. as someone already asked no silhouettes, we’re looking for a casted shadow.

To enter post your photos on Instagram before noon next Friday with the tags #PRTV and #PRTV_shadows.

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And the team!
Toby – @Photorectoby Roy – @RoyMcKeeIII Rose –  @Randomcreativeart

Roy’s Winner:

I honestly thought this week would be more food photos and this makes for a great shot! Going centered in the photo gives you just enough room to layer a few extra elements into the frame making it more appealing.

Roy’s Honorable Mentions:

A somewhat popular angle shot by Maxence focuses on that blue hour color in a long exposure that really makes those city lights shine. It’s a great centered photo that works well for this week’s challenge letting the reflection fall down through the photo.

A mirrored reflection shot turning the horizon on end makes for a great shot this week. It’s a creative subject and a nice way to think outside the box.  

Caleb’s pelican party is just after the sun sets giving the photo that rich blue hue with the fiery orange which works well for a nice tone. With the sunset at the forefront we also have a nice bit of symmetry for the four pelicans on posts.

Taking this picture lying on my back at The Goods Line walkway in Sydney's Ultimo, while cursing at my DSLR camera that it had no flip screen, I had no idea the shot would come out looking like this. The image you see had more processing than a sausage in a Heinz factory. With Adobe Lightroom first cropping it, then lens distortion and chromatic aberration corrections followed by adjusting highlights, shadows, black and white clipping, beefing up the reflections using adjustments for contrast, clarity, sharpness and dehaze tool. Then I adjusted the colours which my wife always finds amusing due to my selective colour-blindness. Next it was Photoshop time removing reflections that were not pleasing to my imperfect eye. Still not satisfied I split the image in half and mirrored it which achieved the silly surreal effect I was after. After I mirrored the photo I noticed a reflection looking like a haunted face at the bottom of the building. Undisturbed by the disturbing result I abstained from a second attemp at Photoshop. And now I look at this image with a sense of humour as the only means to explain my never ending obsession with photography! #ourplanetdaily #canonaustralia #canonphotography #canonchallenge #amazing #picoftheday #art #instaart #creative #fineartphotography #architecture #building #architexture #city #buildings #skyscraper #design #architecturelovers #archilovers #lookingup #archidaily #perspective #geometric #pattern #reflection #windows #clouds #dslr

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Another creative shot this week using photoshop (yes that’s allowed) to mirror a photo of this building. It’s a nice way to force the symmetry for a shot and creates a nice vanishing point pulling the photo to the center.

Oak Alley Plantation makes a mention again this week with the great path leading up to the house just visible enough by the house lights. Framing works well for this shot as the trees push the focus center along with the leading line of the pathway.

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 Menzie's Penstemon or as the nerds say - Penstemon davidsonii ;) Found these little purple flowers on the way down from Paradise in Mt Rainier National Park and thought they made a nice foreground to the beautiful and still snowcapped peak in the distance. Captured with the GH5 and 12-35 f/2.8 Lens #lumixloungegh3
 Rainy Day Reflections of Seattle's coolest public library - I almost said coolest building but the new Amazon spheres are crazy cool. I like living in the future - now if we could just ecotopia this place up all would be peachy!
 Upper Sunbeam Falls - Powered by melting snow(seen at the top of the frame) - Captured with GH5 and 12-35 f/2.8 lens 0.4 second exposure.

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