Black Friday Camera & DSLR Deals - 2013

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Black Friday 2013 & Holiday Camera & DSLR Deals

Support this site and my work.  Use any of the links below or use these general Amazon, B&H or eBay links. Anything purchased via these links supports my work.Leading up to Black Friday I will keep my general DSLR + Hot Deals page updatedI have scoured the Internet for the best Black Friday / Holiday deals on P&S cameras and DSLRS. Similar to last year there are no deals(YET) on the most recent models - The Canon T5i and 70D, along with the Nikon D5200/D5300 and D7100 are all absent from the flyers.  This doesn’t mean that Amazon and B&H won’t offering some savings on these cameras it just means that the big box retailers won’t and any savings we do see from Amazon and  B&H will likely be small.   If you are willing to go with a slightly older model can net you some pretty significant savings. Spending less money on a body leaves money for a prime lens (or two) and I feel strongly that everyone should use a prime lens for at least a little while. (why prime lenses)I have listed a few deals below and in some cases Amazon is already beating the price. For the rest I predict Amazon will be matching those prices on Black Friday.B&H has some solid Holiday Savings - several items in addition to being heavily discounted are offered with 4% rewards.  Not an insignificant savings.


I will add anything new to this section- best deals will also be posted on my facebook page, Like to be notified.Lighting Photo Deals on AmazonB&H now has ALL their Black Friday Deals in one place *NEW*B&H Nikon Deals just went live- Serious rebates on most Nikon DSLRS and Lenses | Nikon rebates and savings now on AmazonLightroom 5  - Full version for Windows or OSX on sale $99Ebay has a few good deals <- click to see all ebay photo deals or links to the best deals (in my opinion)

Canon 24-70 f/2.8 Mark II for $1799. I paid $2299 for this lens last fall! We will not see this price again for many months. Does require Mail-in-Rebate.Canon 70-200 f/2.8L IS USM for $1899. Again - I don't feel like sharing how much I paid for this lens THIS SUMMER. Let's just say it is enough to buy a nice prime lens. MIR required.  Incredibly good price that we won't see until next holiday season.Canon 50 f/1.4 for $319 on Amazon

 Adorama Black Friday Deals - A few printer bundles with 70D worth looking at if you want Save 20% on a Zenfolio subscription- Zenfolio is my image hosting choice- easy to setup and customize- use code Fall20

P&S Black Friday Deals


Best Buy will be offering the SX280 for $199. Amazon is currently selling it for $215- Quick review - one of the most affordable pocket-able zoom cameras out there. A good value and I wouldn't be surprised if Amazon drops this price further.  The SX line has seen some serious discounts at Amazon in previous Black Fridays. $30 more at BB gets you a spare battery, 8GB SD Card and small camera case.

Walmart Black Friday Ad for Walmart Black Friday 2013 at - Page 24

Walmart will have the White Edition of the GoPro Hero 3 for $199 and throw in a $30 gift card which could be used to pick up the GoPro Grab bag. Amazon is currently selling the White Edition for $199(same as Walmart minus the giftcard).  How does the White compare to the Black?  Fewer frame rates and limited to 1080P. Black can record all the way up to 4K. The GoPro family of cameras is now the number one selling camcorder in the world.  The video quality out of these tiny cameras is amazing, and they stay small even after sticking them inside the waterproof housing.  They do photos, time lapses and video - preview the image from your phone or tablet and start and stop recording - it is all pretty slick.  Downsides - battery life isn't great and that is being generous.  I have more thoughts on the GoPro Black Edition I picked up last month.     I need to put together a little list of stuff to buy goPro owners - the list of nifty accessories is quite long.

Nikon Coolpix P520 Digital Camera Bundle

Costco will be offering the NIkon P520 for $299 - This includes 16GB SD card and carrying case.  Amazon is currently selling the P520 for $370 no extras included but honestly I would skip both and if you want a super zoom pick up the Canon SX50IS - Better quality in low light and Canon reliability.  Nikon makes excellent DSLRs but often struggles with P&S cameras and the P520 isn't very exciting.   Buy the Canon SX150IS from Amazon

Panasonic LUMIX ZS25 Digital Camera BundleAnother Costco Deal - this on the more pocket friendly Lumix ZS25. Fits in the pocket but gives you 20x zoom.  Will be selling for $179 and includes some no-name SD card.  Amazons current price is $224.    Personally I would watch the SX280 Price - I don't seem the Lumix offering much over the SX280HS.

DSLR Black Friday Deals

T3i_rakuten_389.99UPDATE: As far as I can tell this was a bait and switch or incorrent pricing. Rakuten is NOT offeirng the T3i at this price, only the T3.  Amazon has now dropped the price of the T3i with 18-55 and SD card + Bag for $449Rakuten (formerly will have the T3i with 18-55 IS II lens for $389.00 - If you are on a tight budget this really is a solid deal. Remember this is the same sensor that is in the T5i - and you sacrifice touchscreen, easy autofocus during video but the quality output will be the same and that leaves you some room to add a nice prime lens. See my list of Recommended Canon Prime lenses.  Amazon is currently selling the T3i for $449- that does include free SD card and bag.  There are a few cheaper Canon T3 options floating around out there - in general I think the few extra $ for the T3i is worth it - you get an articulated screen, a better sensor and more focus points plus burst a faster burst rate.bestbuy_D3200_499UPDATE - Amazon is matching the BestBuy Price. D3200 with 18-55 and 55-200 + SD card and Bag for $496Bestbuy(ugh) will have the Nikon D3200 with TWO lenses for $499.  This same D3200 bundle costs $684 on Amazon. The D3200 sensor is excellent and although I do miss the articulated screen of the D5200/D5300 the camera is beginner friendly and offers the absolute best quality at that price point.  I still strongly recommend you consider a prime lens like the Nikon 35 f/1.8 - adding this lens to your collection lets you go light and simple when you want and will let you MUCH better low light photos and those photos where the background is super blurred? SO much easier with the 35 f/1.8 because of that very large maximum aperture.Best Buy Black Friday Ad for Best Buy Black Friday 2013 at - Page 18SOLD OUTAnother pairing from BestBuy the potentially offers a great deal - the older but still excellent D7000 paired with the brand new 18-140 from Nikon for $799 - Currently this combo sells for $1400!!  Most places aren't even offering it as a combo - Scratch that - I can only find one other place in Canada selling these two together - quite strange. The D7000 has now been replaced by the D7100 but still offers competitive image quality in a higher performing body.  If you are trying to decide D5200 vs D7000? If any higher speed action photography will be in your future the speed and responsiveness of the D7000 will be very helpful.    I will have loads more to say about the 18-140 in the next few weeks - my review unit arrives soon. It is just a kit lens but Nikon badly needed an upgraded kit lens and the 18-140 seems to do a nice job on all these Nikons- providing the resolution the sensors need.  It is a convenient lens too - great for the travel photographer that doesn't want to carry a ton of lenses.   However if you are going to be serious about photography - maybe trying to make a few bucks - you will want to consider other options. See my recommended list of lenses for Nikon DX cameraseBay Black Friday Ad for eBay Black Friday 2013 at will have a retailer (my guess is Buydig) selling the 5D Mark III body for $2445 - This is a $400 discount over the current price of $2800 and it only recently hit that low. I expect stock to be low and go VERY quick.  If this is interesting to you you better sit on the

Other Deals

The fine folks at ThinkTank have a November special order any one of their rolling camera bags and receive a $50 rebate.  And, if you order for a roller plus an Urban Disguise shoulder bag you receive a $100 rebate!  I own multiple ThankTank bags and find them all fantastic!  Very well made and designed intelligently for photographers.  The rebates are automatic - start here for your savings - ThinkTank Bag Rebates.  Watch my review of the ThinkTank Urban Disguise.Wait - you made it to the bottom of the list and wonder where the T5i, 70D, D7100, D5300 are? You skipped that part at the top where I said "so far no signs" and that has been true for past Black Friday/Holiday shopping seasons - The current models, the ones released in the last year often see little to no discounts over the holidays. We may see some nicer bundles but no crazy deals.  Both Canon and Nikon enforce, like Apple, minimum price laws and if the company isn't offering a big discount the stores definitely won't. What we will likely see are some great deals on accessories- this does not include lenses. Keep your eye on the Amazon offerings each day this month and follow me on Facebook- I will be posting any deals worth passing along and I will update this page.Found a deal you think should be included here? Please send it along- email, post on Facebook or just leave a comment below.