Sony a7 Review

This is a Full frame mirrorless camera with interchangeable lenses from Sony. The a7 produces 24MP images, the Sony a7r shoot 36MP and the Sony a7s shoots 12MP targeted at videographers with the 4K recording capabilities and amazing low light capabilities.Pros of the Sony a7

  • Image Quality is on par with the 5D Mark III- Does well at the high ISOs and detail and colors are excellent.
  • The price - this is a professional level camera with professional features for photographers and videographers starting under than $1700!
  • Feature packed - from the professional features like AF microadjust to fun panorama mode, scenes, effects etc.
  • The video features - a whole host of features supporting manual focus, peaking and magnification and mic jack and headphone jack.
  • Feature packed on the inside and outside - 9 customizable dials so you can set this camera up the way you want and a completely customizable feature menu.
  • Weather sealed- although I don’t see rubber gaskets everywhere Sony does claim some level of weather/dust sealing.
  • A7 offers hybrid focus of contrast and phase - this helps it be a little snappier with the focusing, certainly not as fast a a true DSLR but not bad. With the phase turned off it does get slower and not something I would want to try to use to capture action.
  • Connectivity - smart phone NFC communication and wireless make easy image transfer and control of this camera a breeze

Cons of the Sony a7

  • Lens selection is lacking. Sony plans to release more lenses soon but currently there are just a few. You can use older NEX lenses (made for crop sensors) and lose some resolution or you can throw on an adapter.  I recommend the Metabones E to EF mount adapter and this works beautiful - full lens control, even IS works but focus becomes even more slow, so it really is only suitable for landscapes or use manual focus.
  • With the slower focus and a frame rate that isn't pro level you won't be capturing sports or faster action with this camera.
  • Battery life - This small camera use a smallish Sony battery and you really only get around 300 shots. Buy a spare and an external charger.
  • Outside in bright sun the LCD can be a little difficult to view, use the viewfinder and battery life actually decreases faster, blackout time in the viewfinder is a little long too.
  • Record button is awkwardly placed and if you have big hands the overall size/layout of the camera can feel cramped.

Reader/Viewer Questions about the Sony a7

Q: How does the video focus compare to the Canon 70D?A: Canon's Dual Pixel AF is faster and when you add in the touch screen on the 70D you have some amazing abilties with touch to focus and the camera responding so smoothly. The Sony a7 is smooth but not as fast and lacks a touchscreen. You also don't have completely silent lenses from Sony although they really are quiet, just not silent.A few ISO Samples