Photo Mish Mash EP 15 - Gear we Covet/Love (not camera, lens, flash)

Photo Mish Mash - Ep 18 - The Gear We Covet/Love (not camera,lens, flash)Week in review CODE: TOBY for 10% off your orderThanks to Shane Egan for the lower third graphics. (I had to do some re-chroma so they don't look quite as good as the originals he sent)Symmetry Image Critique and taking suggestions for the next theme/assignment. a7 and focusing differences mirrorless vs DSLR - Original Sony a7 Review audio capture devices - Original Video Focus issuing and MA to Autofocus -Original Video you all so much for your support regarding my big announcement - the comments and messages are appreciated and I am excited about the potential and the road ahead!12:30 NEWSSigma 50mm f/1.4 - Price $950 available at the end of April Preorder from B&H 14:00 3rd party lenses vs Manufacturer lenses and the Canon markup17:00- Hire a college kid or your wedding photography and save $8000!DISCUSS HTC M8 Revist with "dual" cameras - gimmick! and the newly released Google Camera App26:58 Squarespace - CODE: TOBY for 10% off your order28:51 DISCUSSION:The gear we covet - beyond the basics - Bags, tripods, cards, light modifiers, sliders -Reader Questions: They will be back next week!45:00 Brief recap of why we picked our photo of the week -Christina's Pick -'s Pick - Behind the scenes audio setup48:10 Light source - See my original cheap video light video