Sony a5100 Announced - Serious Power in Lightweight Package

Sony has announced a new camera in their mirror-less line up, the a5100. I loved the a6000 (watch my video review of the a6000 here) and this camera takes the same sensor and focusing system and crams it into a smaller and lighter body that includes a touchscreen. Honestly I haven't always been a fan of Sony's cameras but this line (a5000, a6000 and now a5100) that has now replaced the NEX series offers excellent image quality, performance and feature set.  Headline features of the Sony a5100

  • Fast focus with 179 AF points
  • 6 FPS with focus (Sony a6000 offers 11FPS)
  • 24MP APS-C sensor (many mirrorless cameras are using a smaller sensor, 4/3, and in low light the Sony offers noticeable better images)
  • Easy Wifi Connectivity - In all my testing the Sonys still offers some of the best wifi sharing
  • Full HD 1080/24/60P video up to 50MB/s - The a6000 is limited to 28MB/s video
  • Small and Lightweight package- 2oz lighter than the a6000 and a little smaller! I was shocked at how lightweight the a6000 was and the a5100 is smaller and a little lighter.
  • TOUCHSCREEN - One of my complaints regarding the a6000 was no touchscreen.
The Sony a6000 costs $100 more and offers an EVF, a flash hot shoe for external flashes and mics, 11 FPS (vs 6FPS in the a5100) in a slightly larger and heavier package.
Available September 2 for $698 with 16-50 power zoom or $548 body only. Preorder from Amazon | Preorder from B&H Uses e-mount lenses. I recommend picking it up with the sony 35mm f/1.8 lens - 6 Reasons you should own a prime lens like the 35mm f/1.8 Full review and hands on soon.