Photo Mish Mash Ep 31 - Rumour Roundup week we chat more about the almost official Canon 7D Mark II, the Official D750 from Nikon along with a pile of new and rumoured lenses, discuss the possible split direction that Nikon and Canon are heading and answer some excellent reader questions- including, can you feed your family as a photographer :)Photo Mish Mash Ep #31 Date: 9/12/14Your weekly source for any and all things photographyWeek in review:Image Critique - new assignment! - GoPro bag not the GroPro bag and two new lightweight video tripods70D Saga - 3rd times a charm?GoPro TimeLapse Photo Asssignment -8:32 News:iPhone - Iphone 70D? Phase detection on chip7D MArk II Rumour Roundup Lenses 24 EF-S STM, 24-105 STM is realT6i unlikely now. maybe at Photokina at the end of OctD750 from NIkon f/1.8 from NikonNew Nikon Flash with LED X100T - nice aps-c camera with fixed lens 1299 - pricey! Cool hybrid viewfinderReal life phostohop eye dropper -Huge SD card priced SD Card Discussion:Direction of Canon and Nikon as companies51:18 HUH WHAT SEGMENTJonOf SpartaI have a question for you as a photographer , someday if God willing that I'm planning to take a Bachelor's Degree in Photography after I graduate from my Bachelor's of Arts in Digital Film Making that I'm taking right now , because I'm into photography right now.A lot of people telling me that there's no "future" in photography , or I won't get rich if I become a photographer, It won't be enough to feed a family (some parents said that to me , which is kinda offending if you're a photographer)Unlike taking other courses like Animations , Doctors etc.I would like to know a photographer's statement.Thank you very much.59:32 Reader Questions: Pic(k) of the WeekToby: