Photo Mish Mash Ep 34 - Going Global 

The Dynamic Range in the Sony A7r, New Photoshop update that makes it easy to add a watermark to images, is the LX100 the new pocketable low light champion? The NX1 beats the pants off the 7D Mark II (on paper), HTC makes a periscope? We answer RAW vs JPEG Questions and more. Mish Mash Ep #34     Date: 10/09/14 : 10% off your rental until Oct 15th! 0:55 Week in review:Raw vs JPEG - great discussion, will revisit in our discussion piece. Interview - packing & We are on Itunes, leave a review! Sony a7R - 36MP with some serious Dynamic Range Sony A7 and A7r Trade in program Gone Global  -  Amazon affiliate links should take you to your home amazon and to the correct product now - Support my work by shopping for ALL your needs on Amazon.Go Shopping -  12:40 News:Adobe creative cloud updates - demo the libraries panel-  The LX00 - Micro 4/3 sensor - arguably one of the most interesting cameras coming out of Photokina  Speaking of other interesting cameras - the samsung NX1  HTC RE is announced -  Forest service debacle  T6i might be mirrorless  42:22 Discussion:Revisit Jpeg vs RAW  Camera to ItalyCamera I picked- A5100Lens - Sigma 24-105 f/4 OSMore in my packing video comings soon. 1:00:00 Reader Questions:Caption “Contest”   Flickr Pic(k) of the WeekToby: