Photo Mish Mash 50 - Long Exposure Cockroaches


Show Notes - Ep 50 Recorded March 20th 2015 (Happy Spring)


Question of the week: for the next year you can ONLY shoot at two focal lengths - what would you choose? Week in review AKA in case you missed it-Correction from prior week:Lightroom should be fine on 4GB of ram so even finer on 8GB. Technically with 8GB you can run lightroom and tell it to edit in photoshop while keeping both runningDavid S - ..after the 'fusion' discussion (extracting photos from an 8K stream), you talked about algorithms that can discern beautiful photographs ... so it appears by the time 8K arrives, we'll have software to find the best frames.Ancaster RFD - While I may check a light meter reading, the EV movement in my viewfinder, and histogram, I have also used the wifi in my 6D to preview the first few images on my iPad. It will even be nicer when the larger iPad pro comes out. It's like having a small monitor for off location shoots not much unlike when photogs conduct classes and have a direct feed to a large monitor after every shot, except it's easily mobile. Another tool I enjoy in the field.Dennis Ogden- A Samsung Nx1000 allowed wifi transfers to computer android as does the NX2000 which as a touch screen 20 mpix . If you really need to down load via wifi I can understand that,.... you will have your reasons... but for now NX1000 and nx2000 are going so cheaply ( under 60 $ on evil bay)why not transfer your card to one of those and drain its battery. This way it cheaper than some of those wifi cards and is proven tech . Just an idea . Pop the samsung body back into your bag or pocket while it does its stuff put a new card in the user camera and your good to go again.News: and 5Dr preorders start MONDAY - 5D Mark IV Rumors - 4k. . . Now Shipping: COMING AND before that Sony Full frame rumors compound the decision in the full frame market. A7r ii, A7s ii, A9? (seems like a very short product life cycle on these bodies compared to DSLRs) secrets blue and clean white backgrounds are capable of long exposures ADVERT of Video files!ISS Crossing the Eclipse Video reviews of the Review: Tamron 15-30mm f/2.8 Di VC are excellent!Discussion:Ira Glass on the Creative Process - Questions:John Inglis - Desktop capture s/ware for making tutorial vids "Windows" what's decent? info: http://photorec.tvWant answers to your questions? Patreon supporters get fast access to Toby