Mish Mash Highlights for November 4th, 2015

mish mashLive shows return in one week! Toby and Christina are out for a holiday vacation. As there is no live show in the meanwhile these are the highlights of the week in the traditional article format. Remember to follow Toby on Instagram @photorectoby and Christina @christinabernales for vacation photos.

In Case You Missed It!

Mastering the flash, basics, the first video of a series for tips to get a nice even lighting for portraits in any lighting. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zBiOJCrak88


As a note if anyone would like to contribute a story feel free to send an email to DPRnews@rm3.me. GoPro's Video From Their Prototype Drone Due Next Year Is Amazingly SteadySample video released from GoPro’s drone due in 2016. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JADCZuSOQRUTenba Announces Cooper Camera Messenger Bagscooper_group_clipStyled somewhat similarly to Think Tank’s retrospective series Tenba released a set of three canvas bags this week. The models range from a small mirrorless setup to a larger model for a full set of gear and 15 inch laptop. Manfrotto and Lastolite brands combine and launch new Speed-Lite softbox and Perspective BackgroundsLastolite is slowly being re-branded as Lastolite by Manfrotto and with this they’ve released a couple products under this banner. More to come but we’ll see what comes in the future. Fujifilm's latest financials show strong sales of Instax products, shrinking sales of digital camerasFinancial reports are out this week and everyone took a small hit on cameras including Fujifilm. Their instant products are selling strong though making a decent year end improvement. Manfrotto introduces BeFree One, the smallest in the seriest800x400_carbon_legs_2I honestly thought Manfrotto’s BeFree was small enough. Manfrotto announced this week an even smaller version to one up their design and make an even more compact model at almost 12”.Polaroid Sues GoPro, Claims Its Cube Camera Design Was Ripped OffPolaroid came out with the Polaroid Cube last year, a compact cube shaped camera to go into the action camera market. Since GoPro announced their Hero4 Session with a similar design Polaroid is out for blood and has sued GoPro.

Photos From Space

From Patreon Member Caleb Wilson this week are photos from Cassini’s flyby of Saturn’s moon Enceladus. http://www.jpl.nasa.gov/news/news.php?feature=4759

Instagram ChallengePRTV_ChallengeMaster

Due to Toby and Christina being on vacation winners for #PRTV_spooky will be announced next week. In the meantime the current challenge will be #PRTV_macro as selected by our patreon support members. While macro would usually mean 1:1 feel free to think creatively and use what you have available. Check out Toby’s macro photography video below as well for more options. As always remember to tag your photos #PRTV and #PRTV_macro on Instagram to enter, limit two photos. Toby’s Macro Photography Options video

Tip of the Day - Black Backgrounds With FlashIMG_3501

With Toby’s first in a series of flash tutorials out here’s a tip for a clean portrait shot. Normally the goal when taking a flash photo is to expose the photo so that the flash lighting works well with your subject. By maxing out your sync speed and aperture you can use a low ISO to get a black background. Since without the flash exposing the photo would have been pure black adding it only exposes what it hits. Try it out to make a few portrait photos with a black background. A umbrella does help even out the light and make for softer transitions but is not required for it to work.

McKay Photography Academy

Join us in 2016! Well more exactly Toby, Christina, and the McKay Academy. You get a great vacation, photography trip, mentors, and great company. See unique places with hands on learning to take the best photo possible on your journey. One spot left for the New Zealand trip, sign up now!Find out more at mckaylive.com and on Facebook at McKay Photography Academy & Vision Culture


This article is brought to you by YOU! Join us on Patreon and with your support get access to exclusive Lightroom videos, behind the scenes shots, a support forum on Facebook, and easy access to Toby (and Me) for all your photography questions. We’re happy to help you find the right gear – camera, lens, accessories and teach you to be a better photographer.Find out more today at http://photorec.tv/support/Regularly scheduled programming will return next week. In the meantime to cap off the highlights for the week we’ve got a deer photobombing a baby photo shoot. Going around the net this week is from Megan Rion from Imagine That Photography in Lake Charles, LA. Maggie (the deer below) has been showing up in photo shoots since the beginning of summer and interrupted six shoots for 5-15 minutes. While setting up little baby Conner below Maggie strolled up to check out the corn and with the help of an assistant to get her attention Megan got the viral photo of the week. *Note: Photos used with permission from Imagine That Photography 12207535_10153806989294880_1012430204_o12188753_10153806989494880_763416798_n 12197454_10153806989434880_1281085467_o