New Sony Camera a99 II 42MP SLT Camera

And I thought the a-mount was dead!?!? Sony's a mount cameras are a blend of mirrorless and traditional DSLR technology - the mirror is still there - just translucent, letting some light through to hit the sensor - this provides an EVF and phase detection autofocus.screenshot-2016-09-19-07-45-36

Sony a99 II Brief Specs

  • Sony a99II,
  • full-frame A-mount camera (yes I was surprised).
  • 42 MP
  • 5-axis stabilization (4 stops)
  • 12 FPS with AF
  • 4K video - full sensor and super 35mm

Sony a99II Price - $3,199 - B&H Product page, Preorder soonOn paper this camera looks to match and possibly beat the TOP end cameras from Nikon and Canon - the ones that cost $5000 and more.   This could be a very interesting matchup.The a mount has a decent lens collection, including the longer telephoto lenses I would love to see brought to the full frame E mount.  Honestly I was really hoping for a more serious high end e-mount, maybe an a9 that has been rumoured announced today. This camera - while I am sure will be excellent is sitting at what is now a pretty small market share.  Sony's a mount series sold well initially, especially outside the US, but they let it languish and many serious photographers have moved on.    What do you think?screenshot-2016-09-19-07-45-44screenshot-2016-09-19-07-45-52