Day 1: Nature Challenge

Randall Bryett a great friend and wildlife photographer (@aussiewild on Instagram) has nominated me for the #naturephotochallenge. And in return I nominate ALL of you :) Anyone who wishes to participate each day - Upload a suitable nature photo and tag your photo #PRTVwildchallenge I will pick a few each day that were UPLOADED the day of the challenge.

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Day 1 of a 7 day nature challenge. #prtvwildchallenge

A photo posted by Marcus Koehn (@marcuskoehn) on

Day 1 of the #prtvwildchallenge #lunamoth #moth #hiking #canon #prtv

A photo posted by Heather (@ten8e) on

My first post for the #PRTVwildchallenge - took this when we drove up to the snow a couple weeks ago

A photo posted by Kylee Doyle (@doyle.kylee) on

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