Instagram Winners - Resolution

A new year and a new you as they say. This weeks resolution Instagram challenge was simply to shoot your New Years resolution how it fits you. It's a bit of an introspective and a way to look at yourself this week shooting. Also a quick mention goes to @gjbarnard for making a cheeky 20:17 resolution post with a QR code to next challenge is a popular repeat that was asked for when we called for suggestions, it’s your turn again to shoot close and capture the texture of a subject. It’s an interesting way of looking at things as you get a different view of the world and sometimes those details shots can be your best ones in a day’s shoot. To enter post your photos on Instagram before noon next Friday with the tags #PRTV and #PRTV_textures.

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And the team!Toby – @Photorectoby Roy – @RoyMcKeeIII Rose -  @Randomcreativeart

Toby’s Winner: don't know if you did this in post or not but it's a neat flat contrast action look. I love what your saying to be more playful and approach those projects out of your comfort zone. It's a fantastic way to look at things and grow in WHATEVER your doing.

Toby’s Honorable Mentions: like this image! It's kinda a cute fun image. You used a perfect fast shutter speed to freeze that confetti in place. I also made a little calendar reminder to go back and check every quarter to make sure you're keeping to that resolution! love that you want to use your ND filter and do a bit more traveling. If you haven't seen, DPR review had a poll in the last week or so of what your New Years resolution is and the top spot was more travel. I realize why, it's a lot of fun.

Roy’s Winner: lighthouse standing alone made me think of travel and it happens to be reading the caption that’s your goal. The lighting really helps contour the hills and give the photo depth. I’d suggest removing the contrail but other than that it’s a great photo.

Roy’s Honorable Mentions: always tends to end up a lot of cityscape photos are shot at dusk. Shooting the blue hour as the sun is falling will add a lot of color to your photo. Especially in the cases of a longer exposure. It makes for a nice shot and a fitting start to 2017 to find and create more great photos. above the clouds in Alaska makes for my last honorable mention and a neat view you don’t normally get to shoot. A somewhat harder shot as you're dealing with backlit subjects. Overall a nice way to take in the view for 2017.