Instagram Winners - Transition

Transitions, your challenge for the week, and honestly one of the trickier subjects from our 52-week list. Trying to catch a process or period from one state to another can be difficult when you consider your camera only can catch one moment in a photo. We had some interesting choices this week, some with complicated editing and others with nice timing, you guys did a great job.Going to a technical challenge next we’re going back to basics with the rule of thirds. When starting out it’s good to learn the rules of composition for a place to start from as a photographer. From there we learn how to break the rules for photos, but having those basics down are key.Watch Toby’s quick tip on just this at: Quick Tip #10 - Rule Of ThirdsTo enter post your photos on Instagram before noon next Friday with the tags #PRTV and #PRTV_ruleof3rds.

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And the team!Toby – @Photorectoby Roy – @RoyMcKeeIII Rose -  @Randomcreativeart

Toby’s Winner: smooth water to the turbulent falls, the salmon returning to stream, the moment caught all transitions and I like this shot!

Toby’s Honorable Mentions: love the colors here, a lovely example of ombre! from behind perspective, the other car in the future - this image is balanced really nicely. little tricky down on the bridge but a nicely done transition.

Roy’s Winner:

Roy’s Honorable Mentions:! Well that’s one transition I didn’t think I’d see but a nice one and I’m glad the horse is okay. to Justin’s photo another day to night transition but this time in camera. It’s a nice transition shot.