Instagram Winners – Pets

Coincidentally, with March 23rd being National Puppy Day, this week was your chance to show us your best pet photos. Whether they are your furbabies, or the furbabies of others, pets have a lot of character and personality you can capture in camera from a playful side to that doggy sass.Bokeh is key for your shots next week for #prtv_bokeh. Bokeh does not mean bokeh balls necessarily, bokeh is actually the quality of the out of focus parts of your photo. A semi-recent term as Bokeh is turning 20, having been coined sometime around 1997 in Photo Techniques magazine by Mike Johnston. Boke (ボケ) translated from Japanese means haze or blur. So that said we’re looking for the quality of bokeh which means intentional blurring, of an aesthetic choice, that helps to improve your photo.Try a fast prime lens or get closer to your subject this week for some great bokeh -  Aperture & Bokeh - Kit Lens vs a Prime LensTo enter post your photos on Instagram before noon next Friday with the tags #PRTV and #PRTV_bokeh.

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And the team!Toby – @Photorectoby Roy – @RoyMcKeeIII Rose -  @Randomcreativeart

Toby’s Winner: just love the pose, gaze upward, and it really works for a great photo. I'd just like the shadows to be just a bit slightly brighter.

Toby’s Honorable Mention:, you've got a cute pooch. The focus is bang on and the focus nails the shot.

Roy’s Winner:

A tiny little ball of fur exploring, cropping in close with a shallow depth of field helps make the scene for your kitten.

Roy’s Honorable Mentions: did well staying for a portrait and you managed to get a great portrait on black. Happy she got a treat out of it! I always try to tell people starting out is that when it comes to certain subjects a portrait is a portrait regardless if a dog, horse, or a deer. You captured a nice scene at the park on the bench with your “niece” and it makes for a really great shot.