2018 Olympics Cameras

Olympics Canon CameraOlympics Nikon Camera

The 2018 Olympics camera stash photos are out for Nikon and Canon from the PyeongChang winter games. At big events such as the Olympics, Canon Professional Services (CPS) and Nikon Professional Services (NPS) both show up to offer support. For professionals that means cleaning, maintenance, and loaner gear for shooting the event. Which can be helpful for things such as a camera that won't fire and needs to be fixed immediately to some water in a lens from condensation between indoor and outdoor shooting. For something the size of the Olympics that means years of planning this out with each having 60 people on staff at the event speaking 10 languages. They are staying mum about the exact total of loaner gear here but it's close to 'several hundred luxury cars' for Nikon alone. That said, go check out your camera porn for the week.

Canon (Via Shutterbug)