Wild Arctic Photography - Part I

This is Part I.  Click here to watch Part II - Waterfalls, Polar Bear Cubs and Arctic FoxI venture to the far north with Mckay Photography Academy and Poseidon Expeditions. We cruise the waters of Svalbard, Norway looking for Polar bears and finding amazing scenery!https://youtu.be/Xyi9zkr30O0The Poseidon Expedition crew was awesome, the ship the M/V Sea Spirit was comfortable and packed full of nice little touches including the 24/7 cookies and coffee bar. There was also a regular bar but I was more interested in the cookies :) A full tour of the ship is in part 2.   I am full of praise, the knowledge, and friendliness of the guides and the crew was just fantastic. See all our locations in part II.


Sony a7RIIISony 100-400 GMSony 1.4x TeleconverterSony 2.0x TeleconverterCanon 24-70 f/2.8 USM L IISigma MC-11 Adapter82mm CPL FilterPanasonic GH5Panasonic 12-35Panasonic 45-200Mavic ProQuiet PropsDrone Float SystemPolar Pro ND Filters for Mavic ProPlatypod SystemBuddiesman CF TripodOutex Waterproof housingHave questions about the gear? Send me an email toby@photorec.tvSee it all on KIT.com

A few of my favorite photos (Follow me on Instagram for more)

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Location List

  Have questions about the trip? Send me an email toby@photorec.tv