Moment Pro Camera App [Android and iOS]


Get Moment Lenses (not required to use App but they work nicely together - see below)I love my Pixel 2 but hate the camera app! Moment (makers of excellent little smartphone lenses) just released an Android App and a revamped iOS app that makes manual control of your smartphone camera easy as pie. The app offers full manual control over shutter speed, ISO, exposure compensation, focus, and white balance via on-screen sliders. Icons across the top give you access to a grid view, self timer and RAW or JPEG shooting.The iOS version offers a few additional features for video recording and dual-stage shutter with half and full press using Apple pressure sense tech.Get Moment on: iOS | Android If you are using Moment lenses you can select the lens and the app dials in the best settings for that attachmentThe app feels snappy and bug-free which is impressive for a 1.0.0 release. I hope we get some additional video features on android but overall I am excited to replace my really limited camera app on the Pixel2 with Moments Pro app which is much more capable.

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