Canon 5D Mark IV Articulating LCD Hack

In my 5D Mark IV Review I complained about the lack of articulating LCD screen - several of you commented with the suggestion that you can use your phone with the Canon Camera Connect app as an articulating screen.  Here I demonstrate what that might look like and ask if you think it is viable alternative to actually having an articulating screen on the Canon 5D Mark IV. NeededPhone Holder Mefoto: Mount: Want to travel with me and McKay Photography Academy? Learn more:

The Canon 5D Mark IV

The Canon 5D Mark IV will be announced in the next few months- despite the huge selection of cameras on the market it remains the professional camera I see most wished for (maybe incorrectly so) and so let's spend a few minutes thinking about what this camera will or won't bring to the table. quick reminder that in partnership with a bunch of wonderful sponsors is giving away an all expenses paid trip to Africa- an awesome photo safari - all the details are at 5D Mark IVSo what will or should the followup to the wildly successful Canon 5D Mark III bring? I am basing some of this from a CanonRumors post in late january - I will link that below. There hasn’t been any real news about the 5D Mark 4 since December.28mp - The 5D Mark 3 offers 22 MP - There were some rumors that they would actually drop the MP below 22 to further improve low light performance but I don’t see Canon doing that - they are still clearly clinging to the megapixels war as evidenced by the 5DS and R with 51 megapixels. I think 28 is a reasonable target.Dynamic range - one place Canon has seemed to really lag is dynamic range - when you compare the 5D Mark 3 to Sony or Nikon’s current cameras - you are not only able to capture a greater dynamic range you can also post process the files to a much greater degree - bringing up the shadows without loads of noise appearing. Earlier reports from the 1DX Mark 2 seem to show a nice improvement in DR and I hope we see something similar in the 5D Mark 4 but i am not holding my breath - I expect improvements but believe they will still be a step behind the competitors. I have the same feelings about high ISO - again the 1DX Mark 2 has a redesigned sensor designed to improve noise at the low ISOs - nothing really about the higher ISOS- again I expect improvements but not at a level that passes Sony or Nikon's current offerings.9fps The 5D Mark 3 offers 6fps. Nine sounds high to me. I don’t need that at weddings or events and for sports I would think Canon would want you want to go with the 1Dx or the 7D Mark 2. I personally think 7fps is a more likely number.61 point AF - Same as existing 5D Mark 3 41 are cross types - this is the same system that is in the original 1DX - so if we look at the 1D X Mark 2 - well Canon stuck to that same system though with some intelligence improvements and improvements at f/8 as we just saw from the 80D. I do think we will see 61 Af points with the same upgrades - no additional features.I do think we will see dual pixel AF in Live view But will we see 4K. I know some of you don’t care at all about 4k or even video- you can see my facebook exclusive video on the canon 80D that touches on this subject, linked below, but in short I don’t think we will see 4K in this camera. What do you think. Will the direct successor to the 5D Mark 3 offer 4K video? Answer in this poll. As others have suggested we might get a split line - a 5D Mark 4 and a 5DC or something that does offer more robust video features. Canon has done this with the 5DS series and th 1DC series that offer more specialized features targeting certain markets... One of the things that made the 5D Mark 3 so great, when it was released no other DSLR did as good a job at was shooting video and stills. While it would be nice to think Canon want’s to continue pushing that envelope, they haven’t made any indication that they will and while the 1D Mark 2 does offer 4K it only does 1080p out via HDMI and has a few other quirks that in my opinion make it less ideal for shooting video. Part of Canon’s problem here is avoiding conflict with their cinema line - They deliberately hold features back.CFast & SD - The 1DX Mark 2 offers Cfast and CF card - It seems that Cfast is mostly designed for the 4k shooters. I will be surprised if this is where Canon decides to be cutting edge and think they will continue to use CF card and SD slots. If I am wrong about 4K- and I very well could be, then there is a much better chance of a Cfast slot in this camera.Touchscreen - I do think you will at least be able to select focus points as in the new 1D X Mark 2 but the screen will be fixed, not articulating - Though I would love to see an articulating screen like the new Nikon or Sony cameras off.Built-in GPS & Wifi - Sure - they did it in the 6D years ago- speaking of that where the heck is the 6D Mark 2, some think we won't see that until 2017! I really don’t know - but I do know the 6D has sold well and I often get asked about its successor.Lighter weight - I suspect it might be a little lighter but the body design will be near identical. When you have a large percentage of Pros you don’t make big changes to body design so pros can upgrade mid season without having to learn a new interface.Price - should be similar to 5D Mark 3 at launch $3500.Leave a comment below - are you excited for this release? Couldn’t care less?