Photo Mish Mash 65: Thoughts on Canon 5Ds, Sony a7R II Ship date and more thoughts on the Canon 5DS 50MP Beast, When will the Sony a7R II actually ship? What am I taking to Iceland and ask your photo questions.


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Show Notes:

News:Shipping Date of the Sony A7 R II :( - August 5th.  I leave for Iceland August 5th- it is going to be close. . .Casey Neistat looking for a new camera. - I think he should try the GH4. 'Horrified' After Studio Photoshops Daughter's Birthmark - Recovers $15K in Stolen Gear Thanks to EXIF Copyright Info - Steal Gear from Fellow Photographers at Pan Am Games, The Association Trying to Protect Copyright, Stole Photos Puts Films on the Chopping Block Photo Academy - Join us in New Zealand  -Thief steals photojournalists hard drive. Why was he not using Cloud solutions?Select D700, 800/e and 7100 users are being contacted by Nikon for free servicing from SPACE - the imaging system on the New Horizon spacecraft -  

Canon 5Ds and 5DS R- Now Available for Preorder

You can now preorder the 50MP Canon 5DS and 5DS R for $3699 and $3899

B&H Photo (link to both)Adorama - Canon 5DS | 5DS R (both bundled with SHURE VP83FAmazonShipping in June 2015Early reports - the detail and resolution is quite stunning but this is not the replacement to the 5D Mark IV that many of us were waiting for - the 5DS and 5DS R are targeted at your landscape photographers and studio work - an attempt to steal some market from the medium format users.Are you interested? If not what would interest you - what do you wish they had included in these two  new cameras?Canon 5DS RCanon 5DSMore About the Canon 5DS and 5DS ROne my of my viewers Got his hand on the 5DSR at this weekend's UK Photo show and had this to shareCanon 5DS R - Scott Fautley"As there were a lot of consumers there, the areas surrounding the 750D/760D were busy, but the 5DS and 5DSR were relatively clear. I got my hands on the 5DSR.The sides were sealed up to ensure nobody snuck a card in.One Canon rep made of point of telling me it’s a totally new body, since I actually own a 5D Mk3 (and had one in my hand) you’d think he’d know a bit better. It’s IDENTICAL. The menus, the grip, the dials – all the same. Any re-design is internal.This isn’t a bad thing, but don’t expect this to feel like a new camera. It is a 5D Mark 3 with a higher resolution sensor. In terms of operating speed, it felt about the same, I suppose that means it’s a bit quicker as it’s handling those huge 50mp files."I will have a full write from Scott's visit to the UK Photo show soon.Further proof that it is identical in all external design - a waterproof housing for the 5D Mark III is listed as also working for the %DS and 5DS R.Waterproof housing for the 5DS and 5DS R