Photo Mish Mash 65: Thoughts on Canon 5Ds, Sony a7R II Ship date and more thoughts on the Canon 5DS 50MP Beast, When will the Sony a7R II actually ship? What am I taking to Iceland and ask your photo questions.


McKay Photo Academy - Join us in New Zealand SquareSpace - Make/share a Squarespace photo portfolio and win a Mefoto Tripod - Watch the show for more details.  Make your portfolio here  | Submit Portfolios here (coming soon) - getting bigger and bigger!

Show Notes:

News:Shipping Date of the Sony A7 R II :( - August 5th.  I leave for Iceland August 5th- it is going to be close. . .Casey Neistat looking for a new camera. - I think he should try the GH4. 'Horrified' After Studio Photoshops Daughter's Birthmark - Recovers $15K in Stolen Gear Thanks to EXIF Copyright Info - Steal Gear from Fellow Photographers at Pan Am Games, The Association Trying to Protect Copyright, Stole Photos Puts Films on the Chopping Block Photo Academy - Join us in New Zealand  -Thief steals photojournalists hard drive. Why was he not using Cloud solutions?Select D700, 800/e and 7100 users are being contacted by Nikon for free servicing from SPACE - the imaging system on the New Horizon spacecraft -  

Photo Mish Mash Ep 51 - Velveeta in your Camera

Sharing the week's photo news and answering your questions! Feel free to leave your question as a comment below if you can't join us Live.Show Notes:Question of the week:LAST WEEK:  for the next year you can ONLY shoot at two focal lengths - what would you choose? Pur Average: 31mm and 181mmMedian: 35mm and 100mmFocal Length ResponseFocal Length Data Week in review AKA in case you missed it-NX1 Review- Fantastic Camera, the ecosystem is limiting and the camera is pricey! REVIEWUPLIFT DESK 900 Review and BTS of workspaceLightroom 6 was released and we did a complete tour of the new features - HAHAH KIDDING!Thank you Patreon Supporters Celebrates 12th Straight Year of No.1 Share of Global ILC Market -Here ISN’t the 4K Camera we have all been waiting for from CanonNY Times Article: Kodak’s FuturePolice Departments Open Up 'Safe Lots' For Craigslist TransactionsThe passing of Paul C BuffCAMERAS Hasselblads IN SPACE Amazon's Unlimited Everything Plan Makes Cloud Storage Super CheapVideo: 2600 miles of Hiker SelfieTry out Squarespace - Watch my video on frictionless blogging!Example of a beautiful Squarespace site: Film, Waiting a Year to DevelopHow weather sealed is a weather sealed camera?Reader Questions:Mary’s Macro Extension Question - how do you calculate 1:1 with lens and extension tube? - Use the calculator at idea when the replacement for the A6000 is due? Soon!