Panasonic GF7 Announced - Specs and Thoughts

[gallery type="slideshow" link="none" columns="1" size="large" td_select_gallery_slide="slide" ids="6193,6192,6191,6190"] Panasonic has announced the GF7, a small mirrorless camera aimed at point and shoot users who want more control over settings.A follow up the GF6, the GF7 is slightly restyled and actually a little larger, giving you a better form factor to hold onto. Panasonic Lumix DMC-GF7 key specifications:

  • 16MP Four Thirds sensor
  • Focus down to -4EV
  • 3" 1.04M dot rear LCD
  • 180 degree tilt "selfie" screen
  • 5.8 fps burst shooting
  • 1080/60p video in AVCHD or MP4 format
  • One touch "No Password" Wi-Fi connectivity
  • "Face", "Buddy" and "Jumping Selfie" shutter modes

 More about those selfie modes -Selfies are no exception with new automatic shutter modes that offer the ability to capture more fluid, natural-looking self-portraits and group shots. Face Shutter allows a photo to be taken with a wave to the camera and Buddy Shutter recognizes when two faces are brought side-by side within the frame to instantly take a picture. In either case, more spontaneous facial expressions and poses are saved which could otherwise be lost in the process of waiting for a self-timer, or by having asked an inexperienced photographer to take your photo.The capabilities of the Lumix DMC-GF7 and a paired smartphone are further combined for even more dynamic selfies and group shots. Using the camera's touch-control 180° tiltable LCD monitor, you can position yourself and your friends in front of the lens to ensure that no one is outside of the frame even if everyone was to jump up for a mid-air portrait. When Jump Snap is activated, the accelerometer of a paired smartphone in your hand or pocket can be used to detect the highest point of your jump and simultaneously activate the shutter.Overall this should be a nice option for P&S users looking for more control and better image quality. It is a crowded market at this price and the Sony a6000 with a larger sensor gives you slightly better image quality and a viewfinder just minus some of the fun features and at a slightly larger size.Preorder the Panasonic GF7 at B&H for $599 - Shipping Late Feb.