Instagram on Windows 10

[gallery size="medium" td_select_gallery_slide="slide" ids="12663,12664,12665,12666"]Instagram received a port for Windows 10 that hit the app store earlier today. Virtually identical to the IOS and Android apps you can browse and comment like normal. While we might not be getting the full boat today, it’s a step in the right direction.Worst news first, unfortunately Instagram being Instagram, they’ve disabled uploads to anything but tablet devices making this for viewing only on PCs. Anything it deems tablet like with a touchscreen and webcam will be getting upload access but that’s where they draw the line. Actually, with the release it makes those that have purchased a Surface Pro gain a slight advantage, as they will be able to upload. Odds are someone will eventually find a workaround for the program to allow uploads from the official app soon.In terms of the app itself it’s a 1:1 copy from the app you’re used to using. You get multiple accounts, insights, messages, notifications, and the rest just like the mobile app. At least personally, for my slow internet it runs faster than loading the feed from the Instagram website, which is a bonus. Previously a lot of us have used Iconosquare for that purpose until the API closure cut access to many services.Unofficially people have been doing many tricks to access Instagram on a PC. The app for Windows is a step but blocking access to uploading just makes it more tedious on us photographers. Things like the LR Plugin or Pixbuf are nice fixes, but temporary ones, as Instagram patched that hole last month making hashtags invisible to everyone but the users account. Even emulators such as Bluestacks have been intermittently seeing the same hashtag issue as well.Overall, it is still a better and faster than using the Instagram website making things a bit easier for those that prefer a laptop or desktop. We cannot really count this one as a win without uploading, but at least for accessing the site it’s another option for people to use. Hopefully next they’ll take some time to make a proper app for the iPad hopefully.

Available now for Windows 10 at the Microsoft app store.