The Best Presents?

I have given loads of presents in my days - presents to little people, big people and everyone in between and those presents almost always elicit smiles but the only presents I have ever seen elicit smiles AND tears are photo books.  There is something about holding a book of images that is so much more than one image provides. The images and words that you have chosen - maybe it tells a story, maybe it is just a collection of special images, maybe it is something useful(like a daily planner) but with images you have carefully selected - it doesn't really matter what form this takes people find it wonderful and special.I have plans for at least two photo books this year and I will be using Blurb. Their online tools range from super easy, even my technology challenged mother could do it, (and she really did) to blank pages that let you design the books the way you want without getting your way.  In the past the books I created were fairly traditional - loosely telling the story of a vacation or summer adventures with the kids but you are only limited by your imagination. My 5 year old wrote a story last year and I had a friend and local artist illustrate, as a present I took his words and combined them into an actual book - the look on his face when he realized the book he was holding was his own words was priceless.  He has asked for another one this year.  This year I plan to make him his own comic book with photos from a story we created using his Legos.  My daughter will be getting a cookbook illustrated with scenes she created of her her little dolls cooking.   So- start thinking about ways that you can give photo books and take some time to look at Blurb- as I said their tools are excellent, their prices are always cheaper than I expect and the finished products really are quite magical.Blurb is offering 15% off with the code FALLTHANKS Deal ends 11/21/12