Canon 80D- Noticeable Improvements in Dynamic Range?

Canon 80D at BH PhotoDpreview has their hands on the Canon 80D and"testing shows that Canon's EOS 80D features a sensor with greatly improved Raw dynamic range. The results appear to confirm the company has moved to a new sensor design with lower read noise."Keep in mind that when we get excited about the increased dynamic range from current Sony and Nikon cameras - it's still not something you see or notice in normal day to day shooting - it when you begin to work with the RAW file in Lightroom and increase exposure in the shadows that you start to really see a difference.   Dpreview has some side by side comparisons of the 70D and 80D.Click Through to see the full DPreview Article Noticeable improvement but before we get excited this seems to still behind what Nikon is offering in the D7200 that was released over a year ago.   Then again the D7200 doesn't have a great touchscreen with Dual Pixel AF and the updated AF system that the 80D offers that looks stellar with longer lenses and teleconverters.   - So it all depends on what you need and what.  You can watch my 80D preview video below and pre order from B&H or Amazon- using these links supports the work we do here.   Thanks. Full DPreview Article Preorder the Canon 80D from B&H Photo  or Amazon - Starts shipping next week!