New Camera Announcements ahead of CP+

Another fairly big photo show starts up next week - CP+ in Japan.   Traditionally camera announcements around this time are fairly consumer orientated - not high end professional stuff - no 7D Mark II- what we will see, and the flood gates opened last night, is new P&S models and a new Micro Four Thirds camera from Panasonic that is quite exciting!Nikon has announced -Nikon Coolpix P600, 60x optical zoom bridge camera - 60X zoom.  I wonder if you can see the Lunar Module on the Moon with that?Nikon Coolpix S9700, 30x pocket compact with Wi-FiNikon Coolpix S32, underwater all-weather compactNikon Coolpix AW120, Rugged pocket camera with Wi-Fi - This is also waterproof, not sure why they are burying that in the description.Nikon Coolpix P340, Low-light, fast lens compact with Wi-Fi - The most exciting of the bunch.Nikon Coolpix P530, 42x zoom compact with EVF and Wi-Fi - Interesting to see a traditional P&S get an EVF added - they are great for outside shooting in the sun,Adorama has a nice page with pics and pricing - Honestly there isn't anything here that is terribly exciting. I do like that an EVF has been added, this is a promising trend that can give P&S cameras a little more usefulnessScreenshot 2014-02-07 11.43.10

 Lumix DMC-GH4

More exciting is the announcement from Panasonic of their new Micro Four Thirds camera, the Lumix DMC-GH4, capable of shooting 4K video.Focus is very high quality video up to 200 Mbits (just accept that this means high quality video), New autofocus time that should decrease focus to a fast 0.07 seconds and like the Fuji XT-1 mentioned in our Photo Mish Mash Podcast #5- a gorgeous 2 million OLED EVF (electronic view finder). WiFi, PC Sync for external flash/strobe control. Silent mode that only uses the electronic shutter (this is how video works). The feature set of the Panasonic G series is excellent, especially when it comes to video with several functions targeting the serious videographer- Focus peaking & Zebra patterns(an easy way to manually see what is in focus)- precise control over luminance and gamma settings and ability to output clean HDMI with embedded time code.See my full review of the GH4More Specs on the Adorama Page- Pricing and availability yet to be determined.  It will not be cheap.