Photo Mish Mash Ep 40: LIVE!

 Updates on my review of the Nikon D750, Is photography Art? A recent 6.5 Million dollar photo stirs some controversy, The D5500 is rumored, skipping the D5400 - you might be surprised to find out why. Lytro cameras now offer focus spread and we answer reader AND viewer questions. This was our first live show and a big thanks to all those that jumped in and commented/shared their thoughts as we recorded. More live shows are in the future.News:Lytro offers Focus Spread Technology D5500 Rumours will include a touchscreenDiscussion:Is Photography ART? This recurring discussion was brought to the forefront again when Peter Liks "Phantom" sold for $6.5 million and Jonathan Jones of the Guardian had strong opinions that photography is not ART. photo in color: reference Google Search results of Antelope Canyon body or lens?? What is more important to the overall AF experience?Do you know how much the 5DMk4 will cost?Should I wait to buy the Canon 5D III? Is canon going to refresh the line-up?Would there be an increase in image quality and low light performance going from an XSi to a 7D mk1?5D MK IV with Sony or Canon sensor?More towards the business end, for people in portrait photography, what are the best ways to get your name out there other than word of mouth and FB utilization.I have a crop sensor dslr(70D). For christmas, I have the budget for either, a canon L lens like 24-70mm or a full frame body. What do you recommend I buy?Are all macro lenses change their max aperture when you focus closer to the subject?