New Photo Assignment - Framing (Composition)

In last week's photo crtique we announced our next assignment- Assignment #5 - Framing, using elements in your composition to draw the viewers eye to your subject(s).Submit your Files by Sunday 9/21 at 12am EST for possible inclusion in the critique.You MUST include your name and DPR5 in the filename of the image: suggested Firstname_DPR5_whateveryouwant.JPGRAW files are also acceptable.Upload Files through dbinbox.comThe embedded video below is queued to the discussion of the new assignment.Episode 3 of my Think Before You Click series gives you some quick pointers

Photo Assignment #1

You all have been asking and it is something I have wanted to do. In Episode 7 of our weekly photo critique Christina just decided it was time and announced our first ever DPR Photo Assignment!Listen to the announcement/descriptionWatch the whole critique including one of the photos that inspired Christina to issue the assignment How will the assignment work?You need to go take a picture that you thinks exhibits symmetry and upload it to the use the tag DPRsymmetry1. Images should be uploaded by April 13th by Noon EDT.Our next critique will be picking from the pool of images uploaded to the group and tagged with DPRsymmetry1