May Assignment: Repetition Critiqued

 We critique images submitted for the April assignment- Repetition. A wonderful collection of images repeating again and again and again.Would you like to submit images for the next assignment?May Assignment- Cropping . Watch the video for more information.Submit for the May AssignmentUpload Files through dbinbox.comSubmit images for Assignment of RAW Doctor episodes at Christina for her time:Follow her FB PageFollow her on Instagram

Critique Schedule & Submission

Don't be a bear! Participate in the upcoming Assignment and future critiques.



General Critique (for February)Submit by 9am EST Monday and make sure your image will qualify

  • You are limited to ONE (1) image- make sure you pick an image you want critiqued that you feel has merit and is more than a snapshot
  • The image must be at least 1920px on the short side. Larger files are encouraged.
  • The image must have metadata (focal length, aperture, shutter speed etc) - if there is no metadata (i.e. panorama or shot with manual lens) use the caption box to write out any info)
  • The filename must include your name.
  • Submission of RAW files is encouraged (make sure you submit the RAW and the XML file from Lightroom or we will not be able to see your edits)
  • Images submitted will not be returned to you and although you retain all rights to your image, you are, by submitting photograph(s) giving us express permission to use this image in our critique show and possibly as the cover image for the video and the facebook page Photorec.TV

Upload Files through

February Assignment Critique, Theme: Shadow Play

There is a current assignment "Shadow Play" that will be Critiqued the last week of February - Submit below by the end of the day February 23rd. Same rules apply except image should represent the idea of "Shadow Play".Upload Files through dbinbox.comFebruary Assignment - "Shadow Play"March & April Assignments - Submit ideas now :)

New Photo Assignment - Framing (Composition)

In last week's photo crtique we announced our next assignment- Assignment #5 - Framing, using elements in your composition to draw the viewers eye to your subject(s).Submit your Files by Sunday 9/21 at 12am EST for possible inclusion in the critique.You MUST include your name and DPR5 in the filename of the image: suggested Firstname_DPR5_whateveryouwant.JPGRAW files are also acceptable.Upload Files through dbinbox.comThe embedded video below is queued to the discussion of the new assignment.Episode 3 of my Think Before You Click series gives you some quick pointers