Photo Critiques on Photorec.TV

PhotoCritiqueBannerThe #1 way to improve as a photographer is to get out and take some photos, review your photos and repeat.Sometimes you need a fresh eye, a professional photographer's eye, to help you see what could be improved upon in future photos  - I am here to help!

Photo Critiques on Photorec.TV!

These will be videos shared each week over the next few months.  I know sometimes it can be daunting to put your work out there but as I said it is an awesome way to improve as a photographer and I really focus on constructive feedback and editing tips.At this time these critique submissions are only available to members on the bronze plan or higher (a reminder that members  also gets access to my entire library of Lightroom Videos  - over 6 hours of how-to make your photos beautiful, keep your catalog organized and so much more.

  • You are limited to ONE (1) image- make sure you pick an image you want critiqued that you feel has merit and is more than a snapshot
  • The image must be at least 2400px on the short side. Larger files are encouraged.
  • The image must have metadata (focal length, aperture, shutter speed etc) - if there is no metadata (i.e. panorama or shot with manual lens) use the caption box to write out any info)
  • The filename must include your name.
  • Submission of RAW files is encouraged (make sure you submit the RAW and the XML file from Lightroom or I will not be able to see your edits) DNG files work too and will contain your edits without need of the XML file.
  • Images submitted will not be returned to you and although you retain all rights to your image, you are, by submitting photograph(s) giving us express permission to use this image in our critique show and possibly as the cover image for the video and the facebook page Photorec.TV

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