Nikon D5300 Preview & My Thoughts

On the outside minor updates, redesigned grip should give you a little more room between grip and lens. Overall a tiny bit smaller (see table)

Model D5300 D5200
Dimensions 125 × 98 × 76 mm(4.9 × 3.9 × 3.0 in) 129 x 98 x 78 mm(5.1 x 3.9 x 3.1 in)
Weight (without battery) 480 g (16.9 oz) 505 g (17.8 oz)

It is the inside that is more exciting. The D5300 is now using the same sensor that is in the D7100 and they have ditched the antialiasing filter, you will also see this written as OLPF. Removing the AA or OLPF means sharper images and video. In my testing of the D7100 I found the images and video to be very sharp and it was basically impossible to produce moire(an optical illusion in finely repeating patterns) that is usually more common in sharper sensors, especially ones with out the AA filter.

Nikon D5300 - Will Moiré be more of an issue in the D5300?
Nikon D5300 - Will Moiré be more of an issue with the D300? It isn't with the D7100

Changes in D5300

  • Updated Processor, Expeed 4
  • 1080p at 60fps - D5200 was only capable of 1080i at 60fps
  • WiFi built in - simple and direct to a smartphone or device using NIkon's wireless app.  Does not work with video.
  • GPS - Battery hog but works well, tagging your location into the photos MetaData- will also record a track(your route) for display on a map
  • Bigger Battery/Better Battery life (as long as you are not using the GPS)
  • NOT sold with an 18-55 lens.  Body only or with new 18-140 Kit lens
We have an updated processor - Expeed 4, I expect this will help greatly with the general performance of the camera, I have found the D5200 to be very capable but somewhat slow, a very slight hesitation to take photos and to review images - something I haven't seen in other cameras in this class. The updated processor will also allow full 1080p at 60fps. The D5200 only offered 1080i. They have thrown in WiFi(now I can toss my dongle) and GPS and are claiming better battery life 700 shots(though I have seen 600 listed elsewhere) vs 500 shots, this better but not physically bigger battery will be backward compatible in D5200 and a few other cameras with a firmware update. And the older D5200 batteries will work in the D5300, just won't give you the same battery life.
So how much will all this cost? Here is where I think it gets interesting. My biggest complaint with the D5200 was that 18-55 kit lens. I am generally not a kit lens basher  - I think they are a fine place to start- cheap, convenient and quality is good enough. Except the Nikon 18-55 really held the camera back, the lens simply cannot resolve at the level of the sensor and the 18-105 was better but I feel like the D5200 doesn't really shine until you get a NICE lens on there. So Nikon heard my complaints (I am sure ;) and is bundling the D5300 with their new and improved over previous kit lenses, 18-140. But no new 18-55, I wonder if they have an improved 18-55 in the works but just couldn't get it out in time. So you can buy body only for $800 or with 18-140 for $1300 - that is steep! Users are going to look at that and see the T5i with touchscreen and basically same lens is $300 cheaper or with 18-55 STM lens is $500 cheaper I don't expect the D5300 to sell really well until the price drops or they get a shorter/cheaper kit lens in there. Not that it is in anyway a bad camera- this looks to be a fantastic upgrade from earlier models and a capable performer, it is just priced high for the level of the camera when sold with the 18-140 lens. OH and I almost forgot - it comes it colors- red, gray and black.Preorder now: Amazon | B&H  I will have hands-on of this camera soon.  Follow my Facebook page for future updates and/or subscribe to my newsletter. Nikon D5300 Product Tour