Canon T5i vs T4i (Explained Simply)

Quick Facts - Very little has changed. T5i will be available in late April with an 18-55 STM kit lens.

Ask me if you have any questions. Seriously, if you have a question shoot me an email or use the little chat widget. 

Have a question? send me an email, I respond to most emails in less than 12 hours.  You can also leave me a message on my FB Nice giveaway starting soon, follow my FB page to be notified.What the T5i has that the T4i doesn't

  • Sold with an 18-55 STM kit lens. The T4i is only sold with standard 18-55 kit and the 18-135 STM kit.
  • A mode dial that rotates 360 degrees. The T4i dial has a gap and a stop.
  • Creative filters can be displayed in real-time (as you take the photo) T4i only offered creative filter application after you took a photo.

* Silent Af only possible with the STM lenses, the 40mm(only kinda silent), the 18-135 STM and the NEW EF-S 18-55 STM.Images coming soon but really the two cameras are nearly identical inside and out.

Canon T5i Body only: $749.99Body+18-55 STM IS Kit: $899.99Body+18-135 IS Kit: $1099.99 Canon T4i Body only: $648.99Body +18-55mm IS II: $699.99Body +18-135mm IS STM: $799 (Bundled deal w/ 55-250)

Thoughts- With the recent price drops the T4i with 18-135 is an excellent value that probably won't last, I hear that the T4i will be phased out and the T3i will be sold as a cheaper alternative, side by side with T3i coming soon.