Giving Thanks!

I wanted to take a moment and say "THANK YOU" to all those of you that have taken time to communicate with me - either a comment on a video, an email, a post on Facebook, a phone call(yep even had a few of those) and chat - it really is important to me to know that there are folks out there that not only value my opinion but are willing to take a moment and say thank you!I have had a few ask how they can really thank me and I am happy to provide some ways-1 - Use my Amazon link for ALL of your Amazon shopping - I earn a small percentage of every sale - I split those earnings between funds that help me run this blog, gear for reviews and giveaways, the more you buy the more giveaways there will be :)  Shop Amazon (Click and drag this link to your bookmarks toolbar for instant and thought-free action)  2- Use the donation link on the right - I only recently added this and folks have already started to use it - proceeds are again split and a huge thanks to those folks who have donated.3- Spread the word - let friends and family know that I am here and happy to answer photography and camera gear questions.4- Just take a moment and say thanks, leave a comment or post a photo to share. I am about to spend 8 hours in the car today, luckily I won't be driving the whole way which will give me time to answer a few emails and start working on a blog post about the very cool Triggertrap that is on my Holiday Gift List. And I have big plans in the coming months - Posts on MAKING photos (not just taking), guest posts by the wonderfully talented Christina Bernales, loads more videos and of course a giveaway or two.