Upgrading from the Canon t4i to the Canon 80D

Upgrading from the Canon t4i to the Canon 80D | http://photorec.tvAfter a little more than four years of shooting exclusively with the Canon t4i, I upgraded to the Canon 80D. The Canon t4i was my entry into the world of DSLR photography and leaving it behind was a little bittersweet. I put my t4i through its paces shooting more than 40,000 images in light levels ranging from harsh sunlight to golden hour to low light in jazz clubs. My photography has included, but isn't limited to, cityscapes, landscapes, jewelry, pets, and food. The Canon Rebel line is well-built with intuitive menus, making it a great option for anyone just starting out with DSLR photography.When you're thinking about upgrading to a new camera body, the question is always will the upgrade really be worth it? Upgrading from a Canon t4i or older Rebel body to the Canon 80D is definitely worth it. Personally, the top four features I appreciate most with the upgrade are as follows:

  • Focus point and focus point systems. You're upgrading from nine single focus points to a 45 point cross-focus system.
  • Top deck display. The top deck display gives the shutter speed, aperture, ISO, Wi-Fi status, estimated exposure level, single shot vs. burst mode, battery life, and number of shots remaining on the memory card.
  • Live screen mode. The Canon 80D offers an intelligent viewfinder with approximately 100% viewfinder coverage, a significant upgrade from the t4i's noisy, slow, and largely ineffective live mode.
  • More ISO settings. In addition to having a slightly higher ISO capacity, the Canon 80D also has more ISO settings. The more ISO settings, the more control you have over your images. For example, when ISO 400 is too dark but ISO 800 is too bright, you can select ISO 500 or 640.

Of course, there are a number of other upgrades as well, such as megapixels, shutter lag, and JPEG and RAW shooting and buffer rates, all of which I include in the review.Finally, I discuss whether it's easy to make the transition to the Canon 80D from the Rebel line and if this upgrade is worth the price. Most likely, you already know that my answer to both of these questions is yes. You'll have no problem getting acclimated to the new menu system and will see a difference in your image quality within just a few days of shooting with the Canon 80D.Read the full post over on roseclearfield.com: Upgrading from the Canon t4i to the Canon 80D.

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