High ISO Samples - Nikon D5200 vs Canon T4i (650D)

UPDATE: My final review- Nikon D5200 vs Canon T4i(650D) Comparison

The T5i has been released. It performs identically in low light to the T4i. There are other slight differences between the T4i and T5i.   Watch my T5i (700D) vs D5200 video.Buying the Nikon or Canon through my links supports this site and costs you nothing extra.

I have a video comparison of the physical difference/similarities and a video with sample 1080P video from both cameras showing autofocus ability(Canon wins) and a video/audio test Canon t4i vs Nikon D5200(Winner-Toss up?) and low light - high iso video samples from both cameras.  - Scroll down for embedded videos.A few thoughts/comparisons:

  • Both cameras are capable of producing excellent images but the kit lens(18-55) for the Nikon is not great and that sensor shows it, high quality sensors need higher quality lenses.
  • Nikon image quality in lower light is noticeably better and overall image quality is better but it is very close.
  • Canon seems to be better at focusing and refocusing during video that coupled with a STM makes for smooth and fairly painless auto focus suitable for family and vacation videos.
  • Both cameras, with 18-55 kit lens, produce sound during focus that is picked up by the on board stereo mic while filming.  Canon does offer the silent 18-135 STM lens, Nikon does not have a comparably silent lens but the 18-55 on the Nikon is quiet, just not silent. UPDATE: With the T5i Canon now offers an 18-55 STM lens that is also silent.
  • The touchscreen and button layout of the Canon makes the camera more friendly to operate.  Worth repeating, the touchscreen is NICE!
  • The Nikon has a few more effect options under the effect dial
  • The Nikon offers a quiet shutter mode, two different burst speeds(low & high) and intervalometer and a few more features.
  • The Canon offers wireless external flash control.
  • The Canon gives someone with larger hands just a bit more space.
  • The Nikon has a few quirks
  • Nikon offers a $60 wireless dongle utility.

Complete Review of the T4i and Nikon D5200 is now available.

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Nikon D5200 low light test. from Hans zijffers on Vimeo.Video clips all shot with the Tamron 17-55 F2.8. ISO 1600 - 3200. Denoising was done on all shots to make it look as clean and crisp as possible.* Keep in mind that the raw video footage out of the D5200 can be noisy at ISO 1600 and above, especially in dark areas with little light available. (although I shot at ISO 4000 and saw very little noise due to the fact that there was enough light coming from a street lantern) The footage you see in this video is not colour corrected, very basic, I only added some brightness to pull details out of dark areas (the dynamic range is absolutely stunning in this camera!), then denoised it and added some sharpness. The camera picture style was set to Neutral with zero contrast and very little sharpening.Download the 720p file to see the best result.Canon T4i vs Nikon D5200