The Canon Rebel SL1 (100D)

sl1Follow all SL1 News on FacebookAlong with the barely updated Canon T5i (700D) Canon announced the Rebel SL1, a slimmed down version of the T4i and now T5i cameras.It is the internals of the T5i/T4i with a few differences

  • 80% coverage of AF in Live View, this is an increase and should make live view focusing better, not necessarily faster, just better.
  • 4fps - max of 7 RAW and 28 JPEGs, this is down from 5fps with 10 RAW in the T4i/T5i
  • 9 focus points but only the center focus point is cross type.
  • Creative filters can be display in real time during live view shooting
  • Background blur display in live view ( I too am curious to know more)
  • New Scene Modes- Kids, Food and Candlelight (not present in T4i or T5i)

CanonSL1Externally the camera has a few difference

  • Mono mic
  • Non-articulating LCD screen
  • Multi purpose buttons surrounding the multi purpose SET/Q menu - on the T5i and T4i the button surrounding the set menu are all labeled and the Q button is different.
  • Camera does retain all other buttons found on the T4i/T5i cameras.
  • It is smaller, a good bit smaller, paired with the 40mm STM lens, this will be quite the tiny powerhouse.

Available at the end of April - $799 for SL1 with 18-55 STM lens | Body only  Not sure which will be right for you?  The T3i, T5i or the SL1?   Send me an email.  You can also leave me a message on my FB Nice giveaway starting soon, follow my FB page to be notified.